Fanfics de Gotham com Dra. Leslie Thompkins

Crazy love. escrita por ~maxevemoon

Fanfic / Fanfiction Crazy love.
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Categorias Gotham
Gêneros Ação, Aventura, Colegial, Drama (Tragédia), Ficção, Policial, Romance e Novela
Eu estava com síndrome de estocolmo, desde aquele dia eu não consigo parar de pensar nele, e eu sei eu sinto que ele não se foi, desde a notícia de sua morte me sinto mal, sei que ele não deve nem saber quem sou eu, porém é ele quem quero do meu lado.
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Vortex escrita por ~JennyAndrades

Fanfic / Fanfiction Vortex
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Categorias Gotham
Gêneros Ação, Drama (Tragédia), Romance e Novela, Violência
"-We got it - Bullock said, he was clearly almost losing his self control - You're just crazy.
- Why are you a cop, Bullock? - I asked and felt very amused by how confused he was.
- So I can beat the shit out of people like you.
- That's not what I asked - I said and leaned over the table, Gordon reached the gun on his pocket - Why are you a cop, Bullock? What happened for you to think that it was a good idea to risk your life every day to save a cursed city from "people like me"?
Bullock took some minutes to think, Gordon didn't point the gun at me, but still kept it tigh on his hand, he approached the table and leaned on it, almost like he wanted to show that I could trust him. Well, that's not exactly wise.
- What's your point, Audrey? - Gordon asked in a calm, soft voice - What are you trying to say?
- Don't talk like a good and caring person, Gordon, we all know you're not like that. None of you are, if I'm being honest.
- Are you sure I can't punch her? - Bullock asked - Just a little bit so she can shut the hell up?
I couldn't help but laugh a little, I do love a nervous cop, they look like scared ants.
- Why are you different from me? - I asked and both of them looked at me with a worried look - Oh, right, because I'm just one more on the list, the "we must send to Arkham" list. Why don't you take a closer look at me and see that we're the same? Why do people don't see that?
- We're people who help others and try to keep the city safe - Bullock said - You're the opposite, you're a lunatic.
- All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man to lunacy - I said and noticed that both of them remembered something from their own pasts - See? You two had your bad days, I had mine, we just found different ways to deal with it. Call me a lunatic, call me insane, even, but don't say we're different on that point, you know we're not."
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