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Usuário: ~Scarlatt
Administrador do Grupo
For all members of this group can make its presentations and speak a little about yourself.
So I start with me.


Usuário: ~Yoline-Sensei
Pride and Prejudice
I'm Yoline and I live in brazil. I got to read magazines, newspapers and good books. I love Shakespeare, Saramago and Machado de Assis. I love chocolate and I'm very crazy about Rock music. And it's all, I think....

~selene-chan - Clan Lunnaris

Usuário: ~selene-chan
BronzeSaint Of Dolphin
Hello people, my name are Visakha, more all call me for my nickname Selene-Chan.
I like j-rock a lot, anime/manga, books, films and many other thing ^ ^

And a pleasure to know you ^ ^
and without she doubts I adored the idea of that group ^ ^

kisses and tie my next post