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Capítulo 1 - Random Thoughts

Fanfic / Fanfiction ▪•°~ Thoughts ~°•▪ - Capítulo 1 - Random Thoughts

I’m happy now, don’t get me wrong, I have an amazing family, one of the best group of friends I could ever ask for and a perfect boyfriend by my side, but, even with all the luck I have, sometimes I like to think about shit that I probably don’t need to be thinking. This is going to be some shitty excuses and random thoughts that are going through my mind. And why am I writing this in English? Because it sounds better this way.

What can I say? My head is a hot mess most of the time. When I need my creativity the most, she always have the audacity to let me down, I have so many things to do and to write and my head doesn’t like to cooperate with me. But today is a special day, clearly.

There is somethings in life that you can’t have so easily back has you wanted to happen. Some lovers from the past that meant the whole world to you and now they’re just broken promises like everybody else. You see everyone that ever made you sad happy like nothing has ever happen, and then there is you, broken inside with a heart darker than the sky at midnight. Your life just stopped like there is nothing else worth fighting for, but we need sadness sometimes in our life, we are humans. We can be more fragile than glass, and is going to be difficult as fuck to glue all of your pieces together, but we need always to have faith in us and be more confident in ourselves. Nothing is more attractive than confidence. This is how life is, you know? Probably is better to forget about all of the shit that makes you feel down, smoke a cigarette to appreciate the smoke burning the paper like happy moments burn the bad ones. Find happiness. Find a hobby to share with your love ones. Search for someone that will make you extremely happy. What do you know? Probably that special someone is nearer than you thought. You’re never alone. Never give up!

Be happy; Li.

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