História Back in three days - Capítulo 1

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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

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Capítulo 1 - Day 1

"If you traveled back into the past to fix the present, and to overturn your future, what do you think would happen?
 The answer is simple: You could have loss of memories or even if thrown into an alternate universe, we call this a cause and effect paradox. "

 _ Sans looked at nothing, while remembering the teachings of Gaster, that at one time disappeared. Sans knew that somehow, he could bring him back. Behind his house, a small room ... The old room, contained a machine design ... A machine that could bring Gaster back, or take it into the past.

 * Papyrus * - Sans ...? Brother, get up soon ... Let's take care of the human today!

* Sans * - Today?

* Papyrus * - What do you mean? "Right now" [Papyrus makes quotation marks with his hands], we had combined with King Asgore's clone for more than a week !!

* Sans * - I had forgotten, it was bad Bro ... Can you go for me?

* Papyrus * - Nyeh! Will I, the Great Papyrus, always have to do everything? You'll have to go later!

* Sans * - Right, bro.

_ Papyrus leaves the messy, dark room of Sans, slamming the door hard. Sans back to focus on his memories ...

"You can not just put this on your own ... You have to- [A mini explosion occurs in your experiment, making your face next to your clothes get dirty." Sans can not hold on and laughs at Gaster, who shakes Head negatively] ... Ugh, forget it ... "

_ Sans rests one of his arms and rises of the bed calmly. She wore a long blue blouse and a lab coat over her top, her glasses tucked away in the drawer, already dusty. After washing them, he put it on.

* Sans * - I have little time for this, I better go soon.

_ Sans put his hand in the pocket of his lab coat as he descended the stairs, felt something beating on his fingers, a metallic texture. It was the key to the small room.

* Sans * - This is my last attempt, Gaster ...

_ Sans leaves his house, it was colder than normal. His steps to the small room were marked for a few minutes, the snow covered quickly. He snapped the key and turned it, the noise of which it was opened, shivered. He sighed, then opened. Everything was completely dirty, insects were walking around and around. He pushes the switch, the dim light comes on. Sans closes the door behind him. On the counter, there were some papers thrown in, full of scribbled designs ... He opens the drawers, in one of them there is a photograph where Gaster and he were, along with a few more people.

"Well folks, how about a photo to celebrate this wonderful moment? Ah, come on, come on ... [The group meets in a place in Gaster's lab, in a few seconds, the picture is taken]"

* Sans * - Good times, heh ...

_ Sans firmly holds the photo, tears trickling down his orbits falling on the photo. He quickly puts it back in the drawer and wipes away his tears. Frisk was calling him from the outside, he opened the door to the small room where Sans was.

* Frisk * - Sans ...?

* Sans * - What's up?

* Frisk * - What is this place? And what are you doing here?

* Sans * - No place in important, just, for now, go with Papyrus ...

* Frisk * - What? Because?

* Sans * - Because ... I'm saying. Now go!

_ Frisk stared at Sans with his head down, he just nodded and left the room. Sans snorted and returned his concentration to the project.

"Sans, it's almost ready ... Now just pull that lever and ... Uh? What's wrong? Heheh, nothing ... Just pull it ... Pull the lever ... But what the hell is going on [ Gaster goes to his project, he gives several weak punches in the hope that it works ... He moves away a little, a small push of the machine pushed him down, consequently he was pushed to the Core ... Sans runs to the "edge "He would scream for Gaster ... but no one answered]"

* Sans * - Idiot, your patience betrayed you ...

~ {Sans worked for hours on that project, his body was already getting heavy because of weariness} ~

_ Sans arranged all his mess ... He was getting closer to bring Gaster back, the machine lacked some commands and parts. He left his little laboratory and locked it. He looked happy, the feeling of tiredness after hours of work, was nostalgic. Sans came into his house just to put on his lab coat and glasses, he put on his long sweater and went to the Grillby.

* Sans * - And there Grill ...

* Grillby * - Sans? How was today? - Grillby delivers a bottle of ketchup to Sans.

* Sans * - Tough, not the least.

* Grillby * - Tried to bring Gaster back?

* Sans * - Yes ...

* Grillby * - I'm sure you'll get ...

* Sans * - Well, I have a great chance of getting it.

_ Sans and Grillby are talking for a while, until the bar is closed and Sans return home, sleepy. Papyrus was in the kitchen, the scent was indescribable, he was probably preparing a spaghetti-filled pinafore. Frisk watched the Mettaton program, he turned attention away for a minute to Sans.

* Frisk * - Hello Sans ... We were going to Undyne's house, but she said that Alphys had some problems in the laboratory and ended up crashing, nothing too much trouble.

* Sans * - Too bad, but okay.

* Papyrus * - Sans! You said you'd join us later ...

* Sans * - It was bad bro ... I was kind of ... Busy.

* Papyrus * - That's strange, but okay, brother. I'll let it go this time. Now! Let's eat.

Sans picks up the plates from the top shelf and puts them on the table beside the cutlery. Papyrus puts a portion of spaghetti on the plates. Frisk sits next to Sans and Papyrus ...

* Papyrus * - I, the Great Papyrus, prepared the most delicious spaghetti ever made, "Bone Apeetit".

_ Sans and Frisk put a fork in their mouths, their bodies twist ... Papyrus staring at him seriously awaiting a positive response. Both give a forced smile to Papyrus who joins them ...

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