História Blue - Capítulo 2

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Capítulo 2 - Exausted

Sadly I wasn't able to meet him after the Physical Education class, I'm actually sad, lunch time had already passed and I was worried if he had lunch alone.
I didn't liked to see people eating alone, it made me feel sad because I felt like they had nobody to be with, nobody to share such an important moment as a meal. I had people to share this moment, my parents used to give a important meaning to this kind of things when we were kids.
I had people to share this moment with me right now, Yuta and Haechan, but you know how the love thing works, Yuta was always looking at Hansol and Haechan looking at Mark. I didn't wanted to get mad or anything, they were in their right, so as always, I just kept dreaming, thinking of things that would never happen, Lee Taeyong before and Jaeyoung, Jaehyun, Jaeyong, whatever, right now.

Someone knocked on the door, I smiled because I knew that he was the only person that wasn't inside the classroom and that this was my chance to start talking to him.

“Excuse me professor, I lost my way, I'm the new student, Jung Jaehyun.”

She said he could enter and so he did, in a very cute and shy way. He was completely lost about where he should seat, looking around hoping find someone that would look at him and say "hey~ you can seat near me". Of course that the girls in my classroom started to notice that and tried to steal my chance. Oh no, not today Satan.
As Jaehyun passed through the seats while I looked at him like a hundred times, but he didn't seemed to notice, god I was literally yelling inside of me, so when he was about to pass through me I grabbed his hand and pulled him down to the seat near me.
Everyone in my class looked at me, I blushed, Jaehyun was scared from the shock and Haechan and Yuta laughed their asses of. It was weird as fuck but after all this time, I don't regret it. The professor sighed and the class continued.

"I'm sorry, I didn't wanted to scare you."

He read the paper slowly, my body was shaking, what if he thought that I was a freak??? What if he would run away from me after this??? His head turned on my direction an he gave me a soft smile, then he started writing on the paper.

"It's ok, I'm Jaehyun by the way, what's your name?"

I pretended I was doing the art exercise as the teacher had said for a while, she was rounding the classroom and I didn't wanted to end up getting in trouble just because I was talking to my short time crush. Ok, maybe I would even spit on the school director's face to know his color, but just maybe.

"Ten Chittaphon at you're service."

He looked at me after reading the small piece of paper already getting filled up. I blinked and his cheeks got a little bit red, then he looked down.

"Where are you going to lunch?"

He asked and I smiled. Easy.

So I thought.


"What do you mean he dumped you for Lee Taeyong???"

Haechan yelled as he walked from one place to other in the green area of our school.

"Did he even knew him?? I mean, he's a new student!!! And you were the first to talk to him!!"

"Even tho he embarrassed himself in front of the whole class..."

Yuta added...

"Yes yes, but that's not it! He could have embarrassed himself if he could have got the chance later, but he didn't the chance was stolen from a guy that's not even from our class!"

"The only thing that comes to my mind is that they know each other from before."

"If they knew each other from before Jaehyun would have entered the school already having reputation, which he as not."

Haechan stopped and looked at me making me interrupt my long time silence

"Tell me again, tell me how he dumped you."

I sighed.

"So basically..."

"He what????"


"Shit just got different."


"I thought he saw Taeyong and actually left you for him, not that Taeyong would have come to you guys, grabbed Jaehyun's hands and walked away with him. Did he even said no??"

Yuta yelled and Haechan did the "oh he finally understood face".

"No... But can we stop talking about this now, my head hurts and I'm not feeling excited anymore, please stop."

"Ok ok..."   Yuta said.

There was a moment of silence.

"But I've this idea..."

"Ok, enough! I already told you that I'm not feeling well and that I don't to talk about it, plus I don't want you to do anything about it, so stop it! I'm done ok!?"

I got up and left, this matter was killing me from the inside, even tho I knew I should just focus on studying.

Why would Taeyong do it?
  Was it necessary?
    Why when I was finally moving on?
       Why with the person that I was moving to?


"Oh finally..."

I rest my head on my fluffy pillow, finally... I close my eyes and I try to forget what happened today. After all it was the first day, the first time I saw him and we still have 273 days of school to not talk to each other. This will be forgotten, it has to.
It probably didn't work because he's red, yes, he has to be red, he has to be...


I woke up with my sister yelling for me to go dinner. My headache had gotten worse and my eyes were too heavy. Basically my cold was attacking really badly and I couldn't even breath decently.


"Chittaphon!!!! I wont call you again!!!"

I covered my head with my pillow so that I couldn't listen to her. I closed my eyes to rest a little bit more but I felt my sheets being dragged from me.

"Chittaphon I-"


"Am I looking that bad..?"

"Yes you are. I'll bring you the food wait a minute."

"I'm not hungry... I'll eat later don't worry.."

"Is it just the cold??"


"Is it just the cold getting bad or is there something more bothering you?"

"No, I'm cool, don't worry."

"Okay then... Calm me if you want to talk."

And she left, worried if something really bad had happened or if it was just my crush on Lee Taeyong again.
  It wasn't a crush but sure it was Lee Taeyong.


"Is he ok???"

"Yes, he is, he's resting now."

"Oh ok, I was just worried... At first he could have go to some place with you and forgot his phone but he escaped classes all week and his phone was always off."

"His cold got worse, he only got up to eat and to take a bath."

"Is he getting better now?"

"Yes, he'll attend to school from the next Monday on."

"Oh.. Okay, that's good I think!"

"Is there something I need to know? It seemed more than a bad cold, he seemed really sad."

"The thing i-"


"Oh he's awake!! Can I go up?? I'll tell you later ok!?"


"Yes yes...."


I spent my time trying to find a way to not to meet him, but we were from the same class and that made my plans fail. The class had just ended, I had to be quick, I had to go to lunch  in a place that he would know, in a place that I wouldn't start crying for being weak. I wasn't having a good day, my mood was down, my self esteem was down, everything was down and I had the feeling if someone, anyone said "hi" to me I would bust into tears and I would drown myself in them. As always life wasn't helping me and the exact moment that I was about to leave that classroom he grabbed my arm.

Oh no, not again...

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