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Ayee suga, 3 dolla chain

Capítulo 8 - Bodyguard (Suga)

"Please don't leave me!" I cry and hug his arm "I told you,I don't fucking love you. I never did" he says making me shocked
"Y-you used me?!" I slap him, He glared at me "Yeah I did"
"I hate you!" I slap him again "bodyguards!Take her outta here" he calls his bodyguards
They enter and grab my arms "Yah let go!" I kick one of them in the guts "We're being nice on you, Little girl" one of them says making me stop "Did you call me a little girl?! I'm the same height as you, look how short you are" I yell

He angrily grabs my wrist and heads outside
"Leave" he says, I cross my arms "Nah bitch"
"You're the bi-"
He stopped and sighed "Just leave already or we wont be nice anymore, even if you're a girl"

"I don't care, I'm not leaving until he apologizes.."

"By the way don't call me a little girl, you're the same height as me and trying to roast me. Lmao you suck, just look at yourself first then talk. Seriously, boys are so irritating. Why don't they ever-" I was cut off by a pair of lips on mine, they were soft..

I push him "Why'd you do that?!"
"To shut you up"

"My first kiss.." I whine "Stupid ass bitch" I curse at him and show my middle finger

"such a shorty" I giggle "I may be short but I'm good in bed" He smirks making me choke on my own saliva "Wtf dude, I bet not"

"Wanna try?" He winks "Haha, No"

"Ugh, I hate him..he may be rich but I didn't love him because of that.. "

"Who?" He asks "Jinhyung"

"He's like that, sleeps with girls everyday" I gasp "He's a bitch, I work for him because I need money you know"
I nod and walk away "bye.."

I lay on my couch "Why did I even date a cheater" I whisper to myself, it's ok. I won't fall for anyone

That Bodyguard tho, he is short but really cool and my type
I mean he got sweg

There is no milk left, I need to buy.I love milk that's why I'm tall, jk jk


I grab a bottle of Milk and pay for it "oh you" I hear The bodyguards voice "yeah it's me"

"Oh, milk? I guess that's why you're tall" he laughs, I shake my head. It is not but everyone thinks that "Can I know your name??" He asks me, I hesitate "Y/N"

"Yoongi but everyone calls me Suga" he asks for a handshake, I gladly accept "Why are you formal" I giggle "well I'm used to it now.. I work for Jinhyung a lot"

"That does really suck but anyways"

"yeah, gotta go now. I'm really tired" Suga yawns making me yawn too, I am too. It's surprising that I don't care anymore about Jinhyung and I'm not sad. Thank you Suga, you saved me. I smile at myself

I jump on my bed and stare at the ceiling, I can't take suga off my mind.. Not in that way! Just..
Ugh I don't know how to explain this feeling

I'll just sleep and tomorrow I'm going out

*beep beep beep*
I groan "I hate you Alarm"
I stand up and do my morning routine

Then I grab my wallet and head to a club

As soon as I enter I hear loud music "ah I miss this" I didn't go to a club since I started Dating Jinhyung but looks like he did when we were dating, I dont care now

I approach the bartender "hello pretty lady" he smiles "Give me Cognac" I simply say, he gives me a glass and I drink it at once "again"

Someone touches my shoulder "oh hey" I say, It's suga "hi"
"Want a glass too?" I ask smiling "No thank you, I don't drink" He politely declines, I look at him confused "Then why do you come?"

"I just like to come, and forget about some things" I nod and drink the cognac at once "again"
"wow, looks like you like drinking"
"Yeah, just realized.. Don't you work today?
"It's sunday, I dont"
I nod and drink the cognac again at once

"Stop drinking Y/N.."
"NO! I'll drink, give me another!" I yell "don't give her" the bartender nods

"Yah, idiott! Let me drink" I giggle "let's get out of here-"
"NO this is where I live" I chuckle and hug him "Jinhyung is mean~" I pout making him stare at me "But you're cool.. And handsome!" I laugh "where do you live" he asks me

"I told you, I live here"
Suga facepalms, I laugh "I live at xxx place"

"Let's go" he helps me "I want to drink.." I felt like throwing up "uhh"
his eyes widen "dont throw up here!" He carries me to the toilets, I throw up in the toilet "phew almost"

"Are you ok?" He asks in a worried tone  "Y-" I throw up again then I cry "Jinhyung is a jerk! I loved him! Look what he did to me, boys are so stupid" I yell and punch the wall "calm down, there are so many boys out there. You will find the love of your life"

"... I'm tired.."

Suga carries me to his back "Your place isn't far, lets go" we head to my place


"Yay home sweet home" I giggle and lay on the couch "Come, sleep with me"
"Uh, I'm going home-"
"Sleep With me!" I scream, he quickly comes towards me "good boy.."

"Lay here" I pat the place next to me, the couch is big enough for 2 persons. Suga lays next to me "If I dont find you here next morning, I'm gonna kill you" I hug him "ah you're warm"

I run my hand through his hair "Your hair is soft, I love it" I smile and look at him, he keeps staring at me "Jinh-" he pressed his lips on mine and softly kissed me
I kiss back, he stops and I touch my lips "waah, I liked itttt" I say like a kid "againnnn" I happily say making him laugh a little "you're probably gonna kill me when you wake up tomorrow" he whispers
He kisses me again, when he was about to stop I grabbed his collar and deepened the kiss. He looked shocked at first but then smirked and wrapped his arms around my waist, I wrap my arms around his neck.
He licks my lower lip, I know what he wants. I let him slid his tongue and explore every corner

Someone calls "don't pick up" Suga whispers, I nod

It was Jinhyung calling..

"You know Y/N.. I like you" he says making me smile
"I couldn't stop thinking about you, at first I thought it was just because you were cool but It was because I fell in love with you." I smiles back "and I'm not drunk by the way" i chuckle


"I'm a good actress and I don't get drunk easily, even if I drink 8 glasses. I'm used to it" I laugh and hug him

"You need to be punished for lying to me" he winks and carries me to my room

(I'll leave you imagine the rest)


Notas Finais

Hope you enjoyedddd :))

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