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Os personagens encontrados nesta história são apenas alusões a pessoas reais e nenhuma das situações e personalidades aqui encontradas refletem a realidade, tratando-se esta obra, de uma ficção. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir ou violar as imagens dos artistas.

Notas do Autor

Remember Jungkook dressed as a police man ;))

Capítulo 9 - Police officer (Jungkook)

(Mature content)

"Give me all your money!" My friend yells, we point our guns to the cashier. There aren't any costumers wich is good

"Please don't kill me!" The cashier begs and hands the money, my friend Minhyuk was about to shoot him "No Minhyuk!" I yell making him stop then we ran, we entered our car and head to our secret place

"How many times have I told you not to kill people?!" I slap his arm, he whines like a kid "I'm sorry~"

"Aish this guy" I roll my eyes

We finally arrived, I enter and place the bag with money on the table. I open it and look at the money "ahh" I sniff all the money, I love this smell. We've been robbing for a 1 year and never been arrested, these police officers are dumb.

"I'm taking the half" me, minhyuk and Jiwoon say at the same time "Kay you can take the half" minhyuk cutely smiles "aw thank you baby~" I kiss his cheek, he's not my boyfriend but I love him as a brother

"No problem"

"Geez, get a room" Jiwoon laughs, We glare at him "get a girlfriend"

Ahh, we're a family


Suddenly the door slams open, it was a police officer "Shit" I curse "Hands up!" He yells, another 2 police officers enter and point their guns at us too.

I've seen this person on the TV, he's known as a really good police officer.He's actually my favorite and I don't even know why, I forgot what his name was. Still I'm not gonna act weak

He handcuffs my hands "Why would a kitten like you do these things?" He smirks, I spit on his face "the first girl that spit on me.. Amazing" he says making me kick him in the guts "agh"

He groans in pain, his colleagues glare at me "you need to get tamed little girl" he laugh and makes me enter in the police car


I enter the jail cell "We'll see if you're staying here forever" he winks and locks it

I hold on the jail bars "get me out of here!! Before I kill you" I scream, he sits "No, kitten" he's gonna watch me

"Don't call me kitten!" I actually enjoy it

"Why? You're a kitten but need to get a little tamed" he smirks "you've probably slept with hundred girls"

"If you sleep with me you'll be the 100th"

I show my middle finger "fuck you"

"Sure, I'll make you scream my name"


"My name is Jungkook by the way Kitten" he says, I look at him. Oh yeah Jungkook "My names not kitten, It's Y/N" I reply

"Y/N is a nice name but still doesn't mean I'm gonna stop calling you kitten" he smiles


(20 min later)

"Are you gonna watch me every minute?!" I yells and kick the bars "It would be a waste not to watch a hot girl like you, right now I would take you in my bed and tame you ,kitten" he smirks "the only thing you do is say perverted things and smirk" I roll my eyes and spit on the floor "geez, girls don't spit on the floor."

"I don't care"

..I'm bored, this place is shit and really boring. I want to eat food "hey, I'm hungry"


"Jungkook,I'm hungry.."

"what? I can't hear"

I know what he wants but never in the world

"I WANT FOOD" I scream making the light break "damn girl, Be a little polite and use the magic word?" He goes away

I sit and hug my knees, I'm really hungry..

After a minute he comes back with a tray, I stand up and take a look at it. I gasp "delicious food!!!" I happily say and jump like a kid, I thought in jails they eat shit


"You should thank me because the others eat only a bowl of soup and bread"

I start eating "Thank you daddy!" I cutely say and continue eating but then I stopped and realized what I just said, I take a look at Jungkook. He was smirking and his member was hard "You just made me have a boner.."

I choke and drink water "I meant thank you d- Jungkook" I cough, looks like this guy has a daddy kink. Ohh, I smirk at myself

"Why you smirking kitten?"

"Oh nothing daddy.."

He froze and his member got harder "u-uh" he says

"You know daddy.. There is no water left.. Can you please get me some?" I trail my finger on the jail bars and look at him, I could see his cock Was excited. He bit his lip "actually forget it, I'm not thirsty"

I continue eating, I lick my spoon in a seductive way. Jungkook was sweating a little "You need to be punished" he almost yells because he can't handle this anymore

Jungkook enters and slams me on the wall "yah Daddy what are you doing??" I secretly smirk, he slams his hand on the wall, near my shoulders "I can't anymore.. You make me crazy" he whispers and smashes his lips on mine "Aren't you supposed to just watch me?" I ask between the kiss" Just by looking at you I get horny" jungkook whispers and squeezes my thigh

ah that felt good

"Jung-.... Oh I see you're doing something, talk to you later" one of his colleagues says and exits, I giggle and harshly change positions. I lick my lower lip and press my body against his, he tries not groan but fails. I kiss him and he hungrily kisses back, wrapping his arm around my waist and deepening it

Jungkook is so good at this I wonder if he did this with abother girl.. I felt sad and stopped "Why'd you stop?"

"You've done this with lots of girls haven't you"

"I swear I have not, you're the first girl making me so horny" he replies and smiles "I never felt this way before and I think I fell in love at first sight, My heart started beating faster when I saw you.Even if you did bad things" those words make me smile and my heart beat faster

He takes my shirt off then I take his, throwing it on the floor. Jungkook does the same then slowly starts taking my shorts off

I let him

"you make me go crazy Y/N.. You're perfect" he slightly bites my ear and unhooks my bra "oh yeah?" I ask, he nods biting his lip.

"Don't bite your lips too much, they'll start bleeding" I giggle but he shakes his head, I give a light squeeze to his member.Looks like he's enjoying it, Jungkook takes him pants off. I could see his hard friend ;)

By himself, he took his pants off and slams me against the wall "you don't have idea what I'm gonna do"

"Fuck yeah I do" I reply and with my teeth I harshly take off his underwear then mine but slowly just to trigger Jungkookie

"Okay then" he gets inside me without a warning wich surprised me and made me groan, It hurt a little at first because it's my first time but then I feeled pleasure. Never felt this good before

"Omfg, you're so good" I say making him smirk and go deeper then he thrusts faster, I realized he wasnt wearing A condom "Don't cum in me" I Say, he nods

In the jail cell you could only hear clapping sounds of our hips touching

Its coming.. My walls tighten "Ah you're tight" he groans in pleasure and gives a last thrust then cums outside, wo almost

"That was amazing" I heard Jungkook happily say, I nod "It was my first time too and I loved it" I wink and kiss he's cheek "thank you daddy for making me feel good"

"No problem kitten, round 2?"

We both smirk at each other

Notas Finais

Hope you enjoyeddd :))
I love you all

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