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Capítulo 6 - 오 (o)

Fanfic / Fanfiction Cheat :: hunhan au - Capítulo 6 - 오 (o)

Luhan never felt this nervous in his life. He was standing there, hands slightly shaking, and was now in front of Sehun's apartment door. He took a huge breath before knocking three times. He gulped and fixed his honey brown hair. The deer boy wore a grey sweater, and a black ripped skinny jeans.

The door swung open, startling Luhan. The taller boy's grin widen when he saw the deer boy in front of him. Sehun was only wearing a sweatpants, so basically he was shirtless, making Luhan uncomfortable.

"Uh, h-hi."

Sehun could sense the nervousness on the Chinese boy's voice so the grin on his face never disappeared, "Hey, Luhan-hyung."


"Like what you see, babe?" Sehun suddenly asked with a smirk. He pointed at his shirtless self, and that surely made Luhan blushed.

The Chinese boy eyes widen, "W-what are you---"

Sehun cuts him off, "I'm just kidding. What are you waiting for? Come in."

Sehun stepped aside to make a space for Luhan to come in. The deer boy was still blushing, so he kept his head low while entering. He looked around the apartment and he felt cozy.

"I live here alone, if you're wondering." The taller paused. "Go to my room, we'll do the project in there. I'll just dress up."

The smaller male nodded, before slowly taking steps towards Sehun's room. He looked around, placing his bag on the floor, and sat on the bed. He mindlessly made himself comfortable on the bed, and he could also smell Sehun's scent. Luhan smiled a little, as he tried to smother himself on the pillow. But then the door bursted open.

"Feeling comfortable already, huh?" The latter stated, and walked over his desk. Sehun placed his textbooks and notes over it. Luhan immediately stood up from the bed in embarrassment, after he was caught smothering himself on Sehun's bed.


He was cut off when Sehun chuckled and approached him. The older boy turned his gaze on Sehun's tank top, down to his sweatpants. He would be lying if he said that the taller male doesn't look hot right now. Luhan looked up to see Sehun smirking down at him, while checking him out shamelessly. The deer boy gulped a few times of what might happen next.

Luhan squeaked out, "S-sehun..."

"Don't you know how much I wanted to fuck you right now?" That statement surely made Luhan blushed, as if all of his blood rushed up to his smooth cheeks. The taller continued, "Don't you know how many guys were checking this ass and legs of yours whenever you passed by the hallways? Don't you know how many guys wants to get you in bed?"

Sehun quickly leaned in, brushing his lips against the other. But he didn't kiss Luhan completely, which made the deer boy unexpectedly disappointed. He pulled away with a smirk. Then he trained his gaze on the older boy's unexplored neck.


"Look at your neck, it's so inviting that I wanted to leave marks over them, don't you think?"

Before the Chinese boy could utter a reply, Sehun already suck on his neck; kissing, licking, and biting on the milky white skin. Luhan whimpered because of the sudden pleasure he felt. But damn, even though he was quite enjoying this (he won't admit it tho), he was feeling guilty. Because for one: he has a boyfriend. And two, this is cheating. But his thoughts about Jaesu was erased once he felt a ragging feeling against his tight jeans fabric. Luhan's hands mindlessly made its way to the taller boy's hair, tugging on it. Sehun smirked because one thing's for sure: Luhan is enjoying this, so he continued sucking on the skin.

The Chinese boy moaned as he felt himself laying down on the soft mattress. Sehun was hovering over him, looking at his body up and down with lust. Luhan just wanted to scream out, take me now but stopped when the other backed off from the bed and turned around.

"Get up there, we need to start the project." Sehun said with authority.

Luhan blinked twice, and stared at the taller male's back in confusion. Wait, what? What was just happening?

Sehun looked over his shoulder to look at Luhan's priceless face. He smirked at the sight because teasing the deer boy is fun.

Notas Finais

okay sehun always smirks in this fanfic lmao what am i doing 😂😏 i updated today bc yesterday is baby yeol's bday 😙😺😍😘🎈🎉🎁 happy birthday yeollie ! 😭 you're the most handsome giant elf in this world and i wanna tell you that baekhyun loves you so damn much lmao 😂😭 kkk~


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