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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir culturas, crenças, tradições ou costumes.

Capítulo 4 - Anything

Me and Daniel went to The Room holding hands. The Room went quiet. Eyes starred; mouths hung open. Daniel, again, squeezed my hand. I unwraveled our hands to slap his face. My hand left a bright red mark on his left cheek. It glowed with fury. Daniel clasped his face in his hands and smiled. His smile looked stupid, knowing that one side of his face was red.

He left me to go to the angel side, while I went to the demon side. Garry ran up to me and sliced my arm off with his long knife. I winced, and fell to one knee.

"What's up with you today? You've never let me win a slicing game!" Daniel said pointing at me half arm.

I glared at him before kicking his knee backwards. He yelled and fell down on his back. My arm burned. It grew back slowly. The veins in my arm were bleeding out onto the wooden floor. It was a blood pool. But nevertheless, my arm grew back within a minute. The bones were bendy almost breakable. Not strong enough to punch yet.

Garry recovered and walked over to me with some chips and coke. He handed me the coke after taking a few sips, and stole seven chips before giving me those too.

"So," Garry began, "Er... You and Daniel eh?"

"No!" I protested, "Can't everyone just except that were friends, ugh!"

And with that note I left.

Outside marcals were nowhere to be seen. No biker passed by, or teenager excited about his/her new tattoo. I felt for my wings, which weren't there. My hands glided along midair wishing to fly high into the sky, and disappear. I started to walk.

Daniel didn't follow me out. For some weird reason, I wanted him to. I wanted him to be with me. I wanted to eat lunch with me. I needed someone like him to be with at this moment, but after what just happened with me and Garry, it is best for him to not follow.

The world seemed brighter as the dark alley vanished from view to show a gallery. My stomach growled, even though I already had a bag of chocolate chips before coming here. It growled louder. I went into a Burger King for some food. Inside, it was huge. Thirty-four tables, and room to order and wait for food. My order was: three 10-peice nuggets, two cheese burgers with everything, and four drinks of Dr. Pepper.

I ate it all in less then thirty minutes.

~The next day~○●○●

I yawned, and spread my arms out wide. The thought of going to school made me gag, so I decided to skip school. Why do we go anyway?, I thought. All of those books and stuff, I'll have time to read over them once I'm immortal. Everyday came slower now. It seems as if my immortality day is getting farther and farther away.

After changing into black leggings and a rolling stone tank top, I leaped out of my window. My legs felt free and wild as I ran through woods that outlined the back of the house. I jumped high into the sky. It was so high the trees looked like grass. Demon powers are better than angel powers in my opinion. All angels have is: super speed, healing, flying, construction, and niceness. Not the best combination, because demons have all that and more. We are the protectors of the world. We are the bravest and most craziest of them all. We fight monsters.

Demons aren't monsters, we're well... demons. Monsters are like: vampire werewolf, zombie, siren, etc. Angels heal the wounded, and erase the marcals memory of the attack. All the monsters are living around us. The grow like normal marcals, but eat like monsters. Sometimes they'll even attack demons and angels if the monster is brave enough, which is only like three times every two years. I can't wait to start training.

Once my feet landed on solid ground, I ran to the school to see Daniel for biology.

When I got there class already started. Daniel sat next to an empty seat, which I quickly ran to, so the teacher wouldn't notice I came in late.

"Today, we'll be continuing on... bla... bla... bla..." I didn't listen to the teacher. I don't know her name either. Daniel slipped a note into my bag. The note was big and white. Black letters were written in cursive on the back, I couldn't make out what it said though. Daniel then, tossed me a pencil and a paper. He pointed to the paper. I then noticed the paper had tiny printed words on it.

It said,

'This is for Diana. I know your in love with someone. I know you like an angel. He isn't just a friend. I already sent a letter to your love, and in all hopes he'll give this one to you. If you don't meet me in the tattoo parlor at 6:00 pm on Tuesday the 13th, I will tell the officials y'all are dating. And if you were wandering, yes, I am a demon.'



My hands crumpled the paper up. I stuck the pencil threw the paper. Daniel knew I needed a pencil to poke the paper, he knows me too well.

After biology I left the school to go home, and show my mom.

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