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This takes place in Harry's sixth year of Hogwarts. Remember, Draco has been tasked with killing Dumbledore, and is frustrated, crying in the bathroom, and under a lot of stress in general. This is before Harry starts stalking Draco with the Marauders Map.

Capítulo 1 - Drarry - 7th Floor

Harry moved quickly through the empty halls of Hogwarts, a note clutched in his hand.

A tiny first year had delivered it to Professor McGonagall halfway through a lesson on self transfiguration. Fortunately, Harry was not sporting neon green hair like Ron, in a lesson where they were supposed to be changing their eye color. Unfortunately, Harry's eyes hadn't changed at all, and McGonagall had given him extra homework when he left.

Harry was so lost in thought, he took a wrong turn and ended up on a dusty, forgotten looking hallway, instead of Dumbledore's office. He turned around and froze when he saw someone coming towards him. He had a feeling he wasn't supposed to be there, and he quickly hid himself in a nook behind a statue of a one eyed witch.

Slowly, the person approached, their face turned away from the tiny crack Harry was peeking out from. They had a cloak with a hood on, and Harry could not tell who it was. The one day Harry forgot his invisibility cloak, was the one day he needed it.

A pale hand emerged from the cloak, grasping a wand. The figure whispered a spell Harry couldn't make out. Then, with purposeful steps, they strode directly to Harry's hiding place. Harry fumbled for his wand, but before he could get it out, it flew out of his hand and into that of the stranger. 

Harry waited with bated breath, defenseless now against a stranger who was most definitely doing something harmful, illegal, or both.

"Come out and maybe I'll forget you were here." A cold, aristocratic voice demanded. Harry felt like a bucket of ice had been poured down his spine.

"Malfoy?" Harry said, standing up in shock.

"Potter?" Draco said in an equally shocked voice.

"What are you doing here?" They asked at the exact same time. Harry glared heatedly at Draco, which was matched only by Draco's coldly aloof glare.

"Well Potter, out of class, and in the deserted 7th floor corridor. My, the things the 'chosen one' gets up to. It would be a shame if the Prophet knew their golden boy was such a rule breaker." Draco said, recovering first. His face was set in his trademark smirk.

"Yeah, Malfoy? What do you think would happen if they knew the son of a Death Eater was sneaking around in a cloak, to places he wasn't supposed to be? Do you think they would let you share a cell in Azkaban with your father?" Harry shot back, his temper now raised.

Malfoy advanced towards him, both wants held tightly in his fist. "Don't talk about my father like that Potter. I'll make you regret it." 

Harry backed up until he was pressed against the wall of the nook he had been hiding in. Malfoy just kept coming until they were nose to nose. He was breathing heavily and seemed to be deciding how to curse him into oblivion.

"Don't do anything stupid Malfoy. If you hurt me, you're definitely going to Azkaban, and even your family name won't do anything to prevent that. It didn't with your father." Harry was clutching at straws. He was starting to feel the danger, the predatory gaze Malfoy was pinning him with would have been enough to give a child nightmares, and his lack of a wand made him feel even more exposed.

"You know what I think?" Malfoy said in so low a voice, Harry had to strain to hear him even with their proximity.

"What?" Harry asked, looking Malfoy right in the eye.

"I think someone should teach you what you're really worth." Malfoy growled, before grabbing Harry's arms and pinning them to the wall. He pressed into Harry's body and captured his lips roughly, tongue forcing its way past shocked lips to plunder Harry's mouth.

Harry stood there frozen as Malfoy kissed him, before coming to his senses and fighting back. He turned his head away, and tried to get his arms off to punch Malfoy right in the nose, but his arms were pinned tight.

Malfoy stood there with his eyes locked on to Harry's. "Never been kissed by a man Potter?"

Harry was still trying to process what was going on and mutely shook his head no.

"Let me give you some experience then." Draco said before leaning back in, this time more gently.

Harry didn't know what to do. This was Malfoy! His sworn enemy, not to mention a guy! Harry had never had those kinds of thoughts. Well. Maybe once or twice. But still! It was okay to think about it, but to be actually kissing a guy, was a step too far. Except, it was nice. Kissing Malfoy. It wasn't bad.

Malfoy broke off the kiss this time, and leaned his forehead against Harry's. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked, the most vulnerable Harry had ever seen him.

"No." Harry said, surprising them both.

A triumphant smirk stretched across Draco's face. "Good, because I wasn't going to anyway."

And they spent the rest of the evening kissing like there was no tomorrow.

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Hope y'all enjoyed!!!

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