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Hiii guys!!
How are you ?
Im so happy because it was my first time that I did oneshot in English 😝😝
I hope you like 😘
P.s= I did with 2 friends 💕

Capítulo 1 - Just one thought

Fanfic / Fanfiction Just one thought - Capítulo 1 - Just one thought

                     London-9:00 pm

One more day and I'm at the bar drinking and puting all the problems out so I dicided to go to the bathroom and for one moment I remembered how I felt "one of the best lawyers of the town  ". I lost everything that I care and now it's just me, the drink and my puppy which's name is tod ,so i was looking to the mirror and i realized that I was too skinny with messy long hair and wearing a red dress.Going back to my second home (the bar),I saw a interesting man and my mom thoughts came in my mind "you need another man! You have to have a man unless you want to be alone forever" so I decided to hit this thought and go for a seat next to an old woman, who was drunk just like me.       The woman : 

-what's your name ? 
           -Oh! My name is Marjorie...

-After a few minutes of silencie 

-Aren't you going to ask me what my name is ?- she said confused.
             -No - i said. 

All the years that I came here she was the first person who actually try talk to me, but I just don't care.

-okay ... so my name is Allison and you don't look old, am I right ? 

I agree with my head.

-why a young lady is alone at the bar ? 
            -You don't wanna know.
            -If I am Asking it's because I want know.
         -Okay... if you say so ! I'm here because I want ! I'm always here at this time, drinking the same thing...
       -Ohhh poor women, too young but with a boring life - she said and laugh.
         -What is the funny ? 
       -Isn't funny but now I'm seeing me on you ! Marjorie, move on ! I know that something bored you a long time ago but you have to move on! 

After she said that I got choked because an old women is telling me that I have to MOVE ON BUT SHE DIDNT KNOW WHAT I PASSED " okay breathe , breathe " 

-you don't know what you are talking! 
           -Of course, I know ! 
          -You don't know what I have been passing all this years...

and I cut her speak and start putting out what a felt.

 - you know why I go here every single day and drink the same drink ? Because 3 years ago me and my boyfriend was here drinking this after - and my voice failed and I felt a tear falling from my face - I had the courage to broke up because of an abuse relationship and as a lawyer I won the case but as a human I was scary and all this years after everything that I passed with him i..kind lost the way to talk to the people,hence i got a big trauma. Therefore now you know! 

 On that moment the old lady hug me and said with a sweet voice :

-sweet Marjorie, I'm proud of you ! I know that's not easy but someday in our lives we have to make choices and sometimes we feel regrets but another  we feel ALIVE - she take a deep breathe and take my hand - you are young and got a big trauma but if you hadn't done this you would have had more problems. And I see a gorgeous smart women that lost her self, look at you ! Put everything out! I know that you can.

After she told me this ,came a flashback about my graduation, my first job, my travels and I felt angry because I was stupid.

Bartender : 

-your drink .
           -Thank you .

So I started drink and drink and think about what I lost, why? Why I let myself do that ? Why I found that man who destroyed my life ? Everything happen for a reason and WHY? This happen to me. Lost in my thoughts Allison take my hand:

-please can you give me a ride ? 
            -Why don't you take a taxi ? 
           -Because I finished with all my money here.  

" great now I'm a babysitter of an old women " 

   - please take me home!

   -But I'm drunk.
            -No your not - and she starts laughing and yelling - you just drink a few cups, let's gooooo!
               -OK Ok Ok i dont have patience for this 

Consequently, I got the car and started drive . 

                      After 10 minutes

Everything was too quite and I just heard a scream:


And I just saw in slow motion my car flying because I didn't see the other car and everything was starting to get black, I felt a headache and ... I saw blood and... everything got black.

In the middle of darkness a silence remained, my breath began to weigh also my all body. What just happened ? Did I kill Someone ? Oh my god! so tears started falling from my eyes" its my fault " and I repeat that again for myself but one sound broke this silence but wasn't any sound, its was a familiar one " that's so strange " like PI PI PI so I assumed that was an ambulance. 

                  London- 1:30 p.m- my bed 

I opened my eyes and I was crying, hence I woke up fast, turned off the alarm clock and cleaned my face so i realized that everything wasn't real, but I could still feel the fear and the guilt. So I stopped and realized that the old lady was only my subconscious and Just one thought came in my mind "if I had drunk this would have happened" thanks god it was just a dream... 


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so what do you thought guysss
i hope that u likedd
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