História Living with BTS - Capítulo 14

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Os personagens encontrados nesta história são apenas alusões a pessoas reais e nenhuma das situações e personalidades aqui encontradas refletem a realidade, tratando-se esta obra, de uma ficção. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir ou violar as imagens dos artistas.

Capítulo 14 - The first two months

kook: YOU AT WHAT?
Jimin: Pregnant ....
I: I'll be a mother ... - said well baixinho- I WILL BE MOTHER - he said almost screaming with a smile from ear to ear
kook: AND I WILL BE FATHER <3 - he said, smiling a lot and hugging me, I thought he would get tense or something so-I do not believe! this is amazing!
all: parabens! -disseram this and all took a group hug
~~~~~ Two months after ~~~~~
I'm already two months until ja ta appearing, let the hospital see how many are / my prayer "only one please" / got there and I went to a small room sqn the great room! with kook and children, lay on her walks (maca?) and spent a gelzinho in my belly ...
I: he or she is well?
Dr: THEY are good!
all of them?
Dr: yes
kook: I paid!
Dr. and me: what?
kook: the exam to see the sex of the baby soon!
Dr: ta, then come back here Thursday (it was Friday)
~~~~~~ THURSDAY ~~~~~~
we got there super excited, the news that kook would father was already surfaced over all were loving and supporting !, the hospital was met first only by another doctor
Dr: pleasure'm Dr. Diane and AAAAA .... MY GOD IS JUNGKOOK
kook: hi?
Dr: excuse is that I'm army, the more we do the test?
All: Yes!
Dr: lie down here
I: ta
I lay down and bbs were moving much more no legs crusades!
Dr: It's a girl
I, sucks, j-jin and hope: I KNEW, I SAID!
Dr: a girl and a boy ..., IS A MARRIED COUPLE
all celebrated a lot and went home
in the room:
kook: AND I THE BOY!
kook: idea already has a name?
I: Yes, a name I always loved as a child!
kook: What?
I: Reevee <3
kook: it is very beautiful
all (minus sucks): it is very beautiful
sucks: I prefer Han Min
J-hope: you do not have to prefer nothing bb is not yours!
sucks: the more I wanted to give my opinion!
I: good TA to fight!
kook: I .... I .... trousseau ... I ... I ....
I: ta then we buy the trousseau!
kook: yes!
All we can go?
I and kook: Light!
at the mall:
thing of Reevee:
maternity bag chose white and gold
the cart was pink and gray
the seat was pink, black and pink polka dots
red cradle
the clothes I chose 5:
a blue unicorn pajamas
one sailor dress
a pink dress and floral
one of Conjuntinho miney white and dark blue
a blue Conjuntinho water with black pants for when she was born
the luvinha the cap and green slipper for when she was born
disposable diaper and diaper kit (cloth) of little giraffe
the toys we buy after
Jungkook POVs on
ta right we will buy things for my boy does not know the name! (Author's notes: 3 comment on boy names)
blue, black maternity bag with black crowns
blue and white basket
one seat of Sponge Bob
a blue and white crib KING
the clothes 5 because so combine
a panda pajamas
bori iron man
a future gamer bori
a set of sailor
a kit of birth
a white cloth diaper and skirt steak blue teddy bear

Yun POVs on
went home full of bags kk, the cradle would be delivered and mounted in rooms that week comes
~~~~~ A WEEK AFTER ~~~~
their rooms were already ready to hit bigh bought a bigger house with 2 bedrooms more
link of the rooms in the endnotes, ignore the names in the rooms)
the drinking of tea happen in my third month in a park and the kook invited all city armys
We had dinner and went to sleep

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