História Monsters ( English version ) - Capítulo 1

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Todos os personagens desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual.

Capítulo 1 - First time

"Serious mother that you have to travel for six months?" And go to the other side of the country?
"Yes, I and your father are going to close a" million dollar "contract. So to speak.
-Sophie! We have to go!
My father shouted from the top of the stairs as he finished tying his tie.
- I'm leaving, Carlos!
- Bye, Jake.
-Bye mom...
                                                                                                Hours later
I wore my pajamas, I did not sleep much that night, and it was only two days before the holidays began, and since my mother and father were on the other side of the country, they could not afford to pay for school, so I was practically free of school for six months .
Next day
I got up at 6:00 in the morning, I waited outside the school bus, as usual. I sat next to Mark my best friend since I was seven (I'm 14):
- Hey, Jake!
- Mark !!!!
-To think that only two days to go on vacation are not Jake
"Yeah, time flies, does not it?
After School, I opened the door to my house and my sister (One of the three) came with another of her crazy conspiracies saying she was a vampire:
-Lise, last week you said it was a mummy ... What is it? Let go of this monster craze.
-But it's serious. I swear! Look at my mouth.
"They're plastic prey."
She forced the fangs down, up, right and left trying to remove them
His teeth did not move, I was perplexed:
-Want to say q-that I am also a v-vampire (I knelt on the floor, trying to look dramatic)
-No, you're not ... I think ...
Lise's pov
Then Jake looked directly at the full moon on Thursday, and in a few seconds his body began to win, his hands had won scary claws that shone in the moonlight, in his mouth came extremely sharp teeth. He had turned into a werewolf, jumped into the house my other two sisters (who, because they were older, already had their own house they shared) jumped from the sofa when they saw him:
"What is this beast?"
"It's our brother, do not you see?"
 -We do not believe "little vampire" hahahahahaha !!!
At that moment the prey will grow on the other two sisters:
-OK! We believe, actually we already knew that ...
Meanwhile Jake was in the kitchen, he opened the refrigerator (actually he broke the appliance door) got a giant steak ate half the steak and then fell asleep was very fluffy.

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