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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

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I do not create all the charecter only the some og the new
And gidon and belle here too and if there ate more charecter i did not write erlier that appir im sorry enjoy

Capítulo 1 - After the black fairy is gone

Fanfic / Fanfiction Once Upon A Time: season six optaniol countinuie - Capítulo 1 - After the black fairy is gone


Its all seems so good and happy  but all of them Emma Henry Zelena even Regina  forgot one big thing... all of the cheeldren that the black fairy stole.... so a few days later at nighg there was a portal opening at storybrook and a lot of cheeldren came out most are allgrown up- late teen ages but ther was some babys young kids and teenagers there was girls and boys some was sick and pale and some was in better shape all of the older people was helping others and serched for someone to help them and out of no where Regina poped up and and two teen age girls names Winter and Glow came over to Regina and said       Glow: hi im Glow and this is Winter ammm we were the black fairy prisinors and we gone throw a long way to come here                 Winter: but first  can u help us take care if the sick people                                                          Glow: and then i will explain it all        Regina: im Regina                                                   Glow: from the enchented forest i know but can u please call your friend whats her name Emma right??                                                        Regina: how did u know that??                          Glow: i will tell u eberything later and Regina thank u for your help

Later at the hospital regina takes glow to talk to her 

Glow: dont worry i will tell her Winter ill be right back

Regina: so how do they doing 

Glow: greate concidering all we been throw but lets talk about how to i know all this right??

Regina: well yes and also what did u been throw how did u got here 

Glow: well i know all of this because the black fairy told me this kind of things i was one of her favorites so she told me everything antil i wasnt so she told me aboutn you and emma 

Regina: what do u mean antil i wasnt??

Glow: well she planed this for more then 100 years  but i wasnt there for so long well at first she treatied me like the others testing me and even hitting me like everyone but then i so that she hurt Winter my beat friend and i could not bear it any more so after she left i went for Winter and while i take care of her the woonds just gone and then i discover that i have magic and she saw it

Regina: so u have magic too??

Glow yes and so does Winter

Regina: so what happend 

Glow: well she thought me butwhat i hid from her is that i dont have ordenry magic i canalso read minds and control them so each time sh came i red her minds and told everybody and then one day i lost control and faded the next thing i know im in her rooms we talk and them she was planning on using me but i disagree and i said no and she was beating be up and somtimes even winter and all the rest in front of me antil i agreed and then she stopped and left and never cane back and we here

Regina: ok u need to be cbecked out?? Are u feeling well right now?? and im so sorry for what u been throw 

Glow : thats fine its not your fault its not anyone fault but thank u for asking 

Regina: well u need.to get some sleep and grannys full and its just u and winter left here so u can come with me and i will to Zelena and witer will stay at her place ok??

Glow: ok

Notas Finais

I hoped u liked this and that its not to long comment your thoughts below

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