História Talia and Mephisto - An impossible love - Capítulo 1

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Oi pessoal, AVISO! Essa fic não é em português e sim, em inglês. Então recomendo tradutor aberto ou OP em inglês. Mais, leiam! E lembrando que essa fic é inspirada em um vídeo (talvez da second season de lolirock)

Capítulo 1 - Single chapter

Fanfic / Fanfiction Talia and Mephisto - An impossible love - Capítulo 1 - Single chapter

Talia was in the park having a picnic, alone, without Iris or Auriana. When he saw the leaves of a bush wicking, then saw the head of a person coming out from behind the bushes

- Mephisto, you may leave, I already saw you!

"Hey, how did you find me?" That place was perfect!

- No, I was not.

- Ok ok, plus, can you share this snack with me?

- Of course, he's all yours!

 Then Talia gets up and leaves her things aside.

- Hey Talia, wait!

Mephisto teleports and appears in front of Talia

"Mephisto, what do you want?"

- I want to be with you!

"But you will not, I have more to do." Bye!

Talia's leaving.

When Talia arrives at Iris's aunt's house, she decides to talk to her friend.

"Iris, it's been two weeks since Mephisto got off my tail, I had to leave my picnic because he wanted to eat by my side!

- Talia, I know what problem this is, it's a disease called LOVE!

- No, you think ...

- Yes Talia, Mephisto likes you!

"Yeah, but I do not have time for boys.

"And you can not be fair to a villain!"

"Yes, you're right, I have to get away from Mephisto. I need to stay as far away from him as possible!

* In the park... *

Mephisto is heartbroken, he loved Talia! Then Praxina appears behind him.

"Oh, my brother is crying?" You do not understand? Talia is a princess, you are a villain. We are from different sides! You can not keep her, besides, she will not want to be with a coward like you!

"Do not talk like that, Praxina, I will not listen to you!" One day, Talia will still love me!

- Can you stop? Understand this! It's simple, you're not on the same side as Talia, you can not like her!

"But what if I start doing this?" You do not send me Praxina! What if I turn from good? Should I stay on her side?


- Praxina, leave me alone!

- Oh ok, you asked for little brother. . .

* Mephisto cries *

Days later...

Sunny Bay, 08/21/17

Talia and Iris are in the amusement park.

"Talia, I need to go home, my aunt needs me."

- Ok Iris, I'll tell you what it was like!

- Bye, Talia!

- Goodbye!

When Talia takes a few steps forward, Mephisto appears. With style, with the style of a real prince.

"Mephisto, you again?"

"Talia, I will not hurt you!"

"I know this but ... I can not be with you.

- But Talia!


- Mephisto, I'm sorry. I can not stay with you. "Look at me, I'm no longer the evil Mephisto, the Mephisto who fought against you. I am the prince Mephisto, the good Mephisto, the Mephisto who is on your side. Believe me! * Talia sighs * - Okay, okay, Mephisto. "I have a surprise, Crystal Refugius!" Mephisto holds the hands of Talia and the two are taken to the wonderful world of Siris in the castle of Talia - But this is my house! - Yes, I wanted to apologize for Gramorr having ruined her, because you have no home ... "It's okay, I know Gramorr, and it was my fault. I took my sister's pendant just to go to the festival. It's all my fault ... - Do not cry beautiful, it's not your fault, it's the pendant! * The two laugh * "Thank you Mephisto, now we'd better get back to the park." Mephisto does the magic again and they return to the park. That was pretty much the best day of Talia's life, Mephisto bought ice cream, they went on the most popular roller coaster. Anyway, Mephisto did everything to please Talia and he did it. After a while, Mephisto knelt in front of everyone.


"Talia, do you want to ... date me?" Talia's eyes flashed, she knew she'd found the perfect boy. The End.

mephistoXtalia - A new love story

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Eai pessoas, gostaram? Bom, espero que sim, eu demorei mais de DUAS HORAS para fazer UMA FANFIC! Tchau flores! <3 :3

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