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Capítulo 1 - Book One: Prologue - You Are My Hero

Fanfic / Fanfiction The Chronicles of Twilight Sparkle - Capítulo 1 - Book One: Prologue - You Are My Hero

Act I



10 years ago, Canterlot.

It was night in the city of Canterlot, with snow falling down from the sky above. In the lower parts of the city lived a child who had big plans tonight that will change everything. The neighborhood was silent and calm, which was the best opportunity to run away from this life. She gathered all her belongings with using an advanced spell to shrink the Items to easily fit them in her backpack. The little girl then fled the two-story house, running through the snow while only with the moon's light lighting her way.

She was now in a dark alleyway exhausted and cold from all that running she had accomplished. Laying down on the snow has she rested against the cold wall to relax.

It didn't matter where she was at now, for all that matter was she wouldn’t be putting up with couples like those that didn't care for her anymore. The couple she had run away from only adopted her for the money they were given... like most of the others... to encourage adoption. In that house, she was maltreated by them and weren't loving. Breathing in the cold air, she calmed herself and reminded of the most important thing she has ever done in her life.

She was free.

Only a ten-year-old who has been an orphan for all her life. She’s been to many different homes across Equestria, to hope for a family. But sadly she never believed that for sure, since she had been kicked out a few times and is a bit of a problem child. She had an attitude of rudeness and intelligence smarter than a High-Class Witch, with an unusual power of magic, being picked on by other kids, and having hard times with the adults who watch over her.

She had enough with it all, and had to run away. To start her own life. Her own destiny.

As she was getting up to move on, she facepalms herself forgetting a map of this city, she didn’t know the streets of Canterlot or anything much of this kingdom. Deciding that it didn't really matter, she just moved on and let fate determine her path.

Leaving the alleyway to see where she was, with great misfortune, found herself at one of the most dangerous places she could ever be in. The Dark Market. A secret place where sorcerers, wizards, dwarves, elves, and adventurers who sought powerful Items and spells of light & dark magic, rare artifacts, mythical creatures, and many other dangerous things that can be found here.  

Only hearing a few things about this place, for a little kid, she shouldn't even be here. But there is so much she can discover here like learn to make potions, read books or even get a small job at those guilds…

Drooling from her thoughts of staying here forever.  She shivered from the cold air and snow. Shaking off her thoughts, for now, taking a deep breath, she pulled herself together, pressing the backpack straps to her sides as she walked into this fascinating and dangerous place.

Prodigy by the things she was seeing, like old books, unique Items & rare artifacts, many different kinds potion’s, powerful armor and clothing which change how you fight or use magic, to even Guild parties that she could get a job to earn for herself.

She loved it.

Has she continued walking in the middle of the trade and negotiations happening all around her, she heard agonizing screams of pain. Nobody around her seemed to hear or even care about who was in danger, so she decided to investigate.

Behind of a very poorly improvised tent, which was selling lizards, birds, and other creatures.  She sneaks around the back of the tent, hiding behind some boxes to hear what the commotion was about.

"This thing needs a lesson boys," Hearing a rough voice from her spot, taking a peek at what's happening, she saw a disgusting bold chubby man holding a whip and beating mercilessly at a baby hybrid dragon. She thought it was just a little boy.

"That thing sure making a racket boss" The other men who watched the scene with a wicked smile looking towards the little boy, who was terrified and in pain from the whipping.

She felt her blood boil. It was horrible what they were doing to this boy, and without thinking the consequences she was about to do, she concentrated and launched a strong wind that throws the men into some wooden boxes and cages of dangerous creatures.

Running up to the little boy who was huddled with several bruises on his body. "Hey, don't worry, I'm here to help you," She told him calmly and gently with a loving smile. Once his emerald eyes met her violet eyes, they both felt a strong connection: Friendship

Before another word could be exchanged between them. The men began to rise up from where they were thrown. Not wanting to know what would happen if they caught them, she picks up the boy and as she runs off into the crowd.

"Get up you slimy dogs!" The old man said, kicking his workers, "Don’t let them get away, that dragon boy is worth more than anything around here!"

Running through the crowd in desperate need of either escape or a hiding place. She needed to hurry before they caught her. Seeing an alleyway up head being covered by tents. She ran through there as soon as she spotted it, hoping for an escape. But she regretted it.

As she went into the alleyway she stopped what was in front of them. There was a giant spider, the size of a bull, with white armor shell, green stripes lining on the sides with venomous fangs facing towards her and the person she now just notices in front of her.

She was a teenager, maybe almost 20, with red-haired that was like a mix of bacon. She was facing the giant spider with a determined look of a fighter. The little girl realized she wore a very advanced looking tonic, with different armors and clothing showing that she was someone you wouldn't want to mess with. The teenager's hands were on fire as it brightens the alleyway.

"Eat blaze ugly!" As the girl jumps high in the air dodging the coming attack that the spider had miss. When it notice two little ones only a few feet away from it, it didn’t care for them at the moment. The spider's eyes went to focus on the teenager who was coming down towards it with a killer look.  With no quick reaction, the teenager punches the tough part of the shell hard enough causing the creature to be knocked out.

As the teen landed, she shook her fist has it was a little sore from the punched. "Dammit, I only just got these new enchanted gloves..." As she checks her gloves, but the little girl couldn't see what the teen's gloves look like, "Well at least they can withstand my flames." She smiled to herself as the fire from her the hands decreased as she relax.

The little dragon in the arms of the little girl grunted in pain, attracting the attention of the red-hair teen making her throw a fireball towards the face of the girl about two meters away. But as soon as the boy smelled the fire, he jumps out of girl's arms to protect his savior. The boy opened his mouth has he swallowed fireball and fell to the ground coughing from eating a gross ball of magic.

"Are you crazy!?!" The child shouted at the older teen. She picked up the boy who seemed to have recovered from eating the fireball, "Hey, are you alright?"

He only just embraced the girl while settling onto her lap and gently closed his eyes from being so tired. The little dragon fell asleep from exhaustion. She smiled seeing the boy was fine and was only tried. But right now she had problems to handle with the older teen who was standing right before them. She looked up slowly to see this stranger looking down at her with a very annoyed look.

"What are little brats even doing here?" The teenager asked with an attitude of finding more problems to annoy her. For she had difficulties looking for that spider, but now after she found it, these little kids show up in a place they shouldn't even be. "You should know this isn't a place for brats, where's both of your parent's?" She spoke in an authoritative tone, crossing her arms looking down at the two little ones with a look of just being annoyed.

The child hated few people in her past but never hated anyone more than this teenager here. "I don't have a family or anyone. I'm not a kid but a responsible adult," she spoke with authoritative tone back at the teenager looking straight to her moderate cyan eyes.

The teenager smirk at that comment as she looked to the child’s eyes. It was like looking into a mirror of herself.  But as she kept her eyes on the kid with navy colored hair with a pink stripe, there was something about her.

But before she could do say anything next. She heard five men with bats and clubs coming from the path the little brats came from coming toward them. "From a low dog that barks and hides," The chubby man from before announced. "You sure pick the right spot for no one to hear you lowly brats".

The little girl became frightened and with reflexively used a nearby bucket to hit the man, who ducked from the incoming attack. Who thought it was aiming at him, though he didn't notice that the bucket was really aiming at the Iron bars above, falling down on the him has he was buried.

The teenager was very impressed, how the kid aimed the bucket at the right spot for the Iron bars to fall on the guy. She sure was something.

The child fell to her knees from exhaustion. She couldn't do much anymore with all the running and the magic she just used... What can she do now?

"Hey, brat! You're going to pay for what you did to the boss!" Said the men who weren't buried from the Iron Bars. Approaching slowly towards the child with angry faces, but before they could get a few feet, they were surprised to see a teenager stepping in front of them in a protected stance. "Hey, get out of the way Bacon-brat. This isn't a concern for a breakfast teenager like you!" they spoke in rudeness towards her.

The teenager wasn’t pleased at all hearing that. Eyebrows and eye twitching and her face becoming angry, and her hands turning into a fist of flames from that comment. "Stand back kid, I don't want you caught in the crossfire."

The child was very tired but scared of seeing the look on the teenager's face. Only nodding slowly while the teen walked up towards the frightened men who might have just made their death wish.

The teenager didn’t have the luxury of spending so much power after her fight with the spider, but with these fools here, she was in a great mood.

One of the men ran up to her to try to strike, but couldn't take a hit at her. The teenager keeps dodging the coming attacks and used small circle shields from her hands to block the attackers. She grabs one man and twisted his arm and throwing him to another with great force towards a wall.

Running up to another one, with quick reflex she grabs the man by the neck slamming him into the ground with him having a huge burn around the neck. As she blasted the last one to the sky toward the crowd ahead.

Noticing that the boss of the gang, who was under the pile of Iron Bars, who was getting out he grab an Iron bar to strike at the teenager. The little girl noticed that the teen won’t be able to block it in time, she force herself up and ran to block the attack, having the attack hit her right leg hard.

As he misses his attack, he gripped the iron bar tightly that he had used on the little girl and was thinking of finishing her off. But before he could do anything, he lost control of himself and his arm holding the bar slamming into his belly. Noticing now that the teenager wasn't pleased with at all. She was controlling him with blood magic, causing the bar to push slowly through his stomach, causing blood to spill to the ground.

The teenager was about to finish him off when she heard the little girl crying, which she now realized she had gone too far again...

Letting go of the spell which causes the guy to collapse to the ground. She hurried up to the child who was hurt, "Shhh! It's ok, they aren’t going to hurt you anymore." Told the very teen who might have given the little kid nightmares for the next few weeks. "I need to check your leg, ok?"

The girl was still paralyzed of what she had witnessed. With no answer from her, she checks the girl's leg. "I believe that blow broke your leg squirt."

"I'm... sure" The little child whimpered quietly, but she felt really in pain from the attack.

"I’ll use a simple relaxing spell to ease your pain and then we'll head to the hospital" Teenager left hand begins to emit a light blue glow. Which the child started to feel relaxation from the spell, not bother anymore by the pain on her right leg now. Though... she wanted to ask for the teenager's name. "Umm... What is your name?" Has she look to the teenager who was comforting her...

The teen smiled of having a nice conversation and to forget what had happened before. "The name is The Bacon Lord of Fire Hotness!" She jokes with a wink.

Giggling from the joke, the child thought this teenager was beyond cuckoo, "Sure Mrs. Bacon, and I'm "The Great and Powerful Bucket Basher!" As she tried to smiled to the teen.

They both stare at each other for a moment till they laugh loudly, but sadly for the child, she was too tired to laugh out loud, but being comforted by this teen who she never meant before or even thought of caring for her made it a lot better.

As the teenager calmed down, she looks to the little girl who was starting to enjoy her company. "You're not bad for a kid," She rubs child's head like a pup, "The names Sunset Shimmer."

The little girl smiled to Sunset, "My name… is Twilight Sparkle," She spoke calmly.

"Well squirt, you guys sure are coming with me. Can you hand me your little friend?" Sunset asked, like most people she was intrigued by the little dragon, who was still asleep from the whole commotion, "Don't worry, you're both safe with me. I'll carry him, while I have you on my back."

As Sunset was ready to head out, she carried Twilight on her back and held the little dragon with one arm, while she was dragging the spider with her other hand who was still knocked out. They journey through the alleyways and streets of the city heading towards the hospital wherever it was.

Twilight was shivering from the cold, holding on to Sunset, she tightens to her to get warm. But she felt something toward this teenager, like she was safe and cared.

As she was beginning to fall asleep from everything that happen tonight. Making the decision of running away, to getting into trouble with a gang, and meeting a crazy bacon teenager. She really made the greatest choice of her life.

This was the best night of her life.

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