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Capítulo 3 - Chapter II - Solar Storm and its Consequences

Act I

It was no longer a quiet night in the castle, all the guards that were in it were desperately searching for the dragon hybrid by order of the princess.

While no news of the dragon's whereabouts came, Twilight Sparkle along with Princess Sunset walked in the castle garden.

Twilight screamed loudly at the name of her friend, she was so sorry. Twilight had argued with him, scaring him and making him run away.

"I'm the worst person in the world," Twilight said with sobs trapped in his throat. "He just wanted to show me that he could spit fire ... It was an accident, but still." Twilight was crawling and sobbing.

"We'll find her and you'll be able to apologize to him," Sunset said, wiping the tears from the child in front of her.

Until there was only one place where they had not gone, the garden of the castle wanted to resemble another maze, she did not want to take Twilight to end up hurting herself. The first drop of rain hit the nose of Twilight.

"Uh," Twilight grunted, scratching his nose as he looked up and saw the huge charged clouds.

"Twilight go back to the castle and see if anyone found it, I'm going to look for Spike around here," Sunset said as she pulled the drenched fringe off her face.

"But I want to ...." Twilight was going to start arguing, but stopped as soon as he saw Sunset's gaze.

For the time they were living together, the lessons and the quarrels. Twilight learned that when Sunset was like this there was no argument.

Twilight sighed sadly, she thought that Sunset did not see her as weak or as a doll.

"I just do not want you to get hurt Twilight," Sunset said, putting her hand on the shoulder of the girl who was still nodding. "I would blame myself for the rest of mine if something happened to you"

"I'll see if they found Spike" Twilight said looking at her, with the same glow of admiration "But if you do not come back ... I'll go to the Tartar behind you" Twilight said with a small smile forming, with a small Embrace between them, Twilight ran out in the rain getting dirty.

Why are there so many creatures that would like to eat me here? Sunset was thinking as she entered the labyrinth. She would have a long talk with her mother about it later.

In the corridors of the castle, one of the servants almost fainted as soon as he saw a loooong slickness of mud on the mats, shaped like children's feet. It was a job to leave that castle shining, and every day there was some blast that stained the walls permanently, a broken wall ...

"I should get a raise," the woman grunted as she concentrated in front of the door that the brooms and buckets were. She had been practicing this spell for months.

She began to shake her hands, as if she were conducting an orchestra and humming a melody. The old wooden door was opened, brooms, mops and buckets came out.

"Let's end this mud!" The woman ordered.

Twilight had not found any of the guards and could swear he was starting to get lost again in this gigantic castle.

She did not want to take the risk of trying to teleport and finish with a little bit of her in every corner of Equestria.

"Where are you Spike?" Twilight asked herself, even saw the scorched ground and decided to follow it, the only thing she knew was that she had never been to that part of the castle.

The sounds of silence filled the palace halls as the snow begun to fall outside calling for the winter season. Most of the palace staff wouldn’t be at work this time. Only in the kitchen the young princess and a dragon hybrid were having not much of a taste for breakfast. Princess Cadance wanted them to be alone, or mostly for Spike so he could get better from what had happened a few days ago.

Looking across the conder, she notice he was only playing with his food being in deep thought about something. In her mind she wanted to know "Spike," drawing his attention. "Is there something wrong?" She asked. She did wanted to understand why he hadn't recognize her or some of the staff living here before Twilight had taken him with her to live on their own.

Spike, who was playing with the delicious pancake soaked whipped with emerald and apple syrup, places his fork down and rubbed his head with a groan that he had to talk about what he was thinking… He took a side glance to Cadence who relented when she saw that even though he was playing the clam dude, in his eyes were anger and upset -Bônus being a demigod.

“Ahh...” He breath out to answer her when suddenly he was in gluff in the pink royal dress the princess wore...

"Sorry Spike,” She squeezed the life out of him again like before. “I...I didn’t mean to bring back old memories," Speaking with a loving sweet voice that would melt any man's soul to her bending. As he was suffocating from the love of death's grip turning scales to blue of heat, he was only thinking of why did she think he was having a hard time?

‘I'm such an idiot! I should know better than this Cadence’ She closed her eyes tight, as her arms kept squeezing the life out of Spike like he was only a doll to her. Only now noticing what is happening drops the poor dragon off the set to the floor feeling really embarrassed from the Alicorn strength she has.

Spike, who was very dizzy from lovey princess hugging him to death didn’t recall what she had asked before. But he wasn’t worried, nothing was wrong because Twilight always end up in messes like theses. It’s mostly normal to him, but these people think it’s the end of the world.


Sighing, Twilight didn’t like it when he spaces out to much either thought or trying to think on how to get a date with girls. Getting up and looking back to see the love death was in an upset mood which he didn’t really cared at the moment ruling his eyes because almost every girl misunderstands him all the time.


He didn’t know a lot of things about the relationship between Twilight and the Princesses, as to why she would always stay far away from the castle has possible. They could had move somewhere else and not in Canterlot, but their home was special to them both… Twilight would never want to leave it.

Twilight didn’t had any friends except for him, well… She does have allies but they aren’t really friends sadly because she wasn’t much open to them. He did always tried to be the best friend/little brother to her all he can.

Spike had notice now that Cadence was looking back at him with a sad smile, he did think she was really beautiful… Laughing a bit he replied with his own smile with his sharp teeth shine from the food he ate, noticing that he closed quickly and looked nervous from looking like a predator that will eat her.


"No, i'm f-fine Princess. It's… I couldn’t do anything," Spike smiled sadly for a second time. "I don’t remember much when I was a child..." Cadence arched eyebrow as Spike blushed from the beautiful face of love. "...I’m only 12, but Twilight has told me that she saved me from evil men who abused me... And the rest is a bit confusing."

"You do care for Twilight, don’t you?" Cadence said, she knew that their connection was strong.

"I would do anything for my friend," Spike had a determined look in his eyes.

"Me too," Princess muttered without realizing it.

"Huh?" Spike asked.

“Nothing!” She shaking her head from saying anything else, she got up and called to the waiters that they were done. "I think it’s time to go see how Twilight is doing now," Princess Cadence said, to change the focus on Spike. Receiving a cheerful smile from the hybrid.

They both walked quietly to the kitchen exit, which was "protected" from night raids by a huge door, every centimeter a spell to alert any intruders.

The hallway leading to the room where Twilight was, was packed with display cases showing the moments of Equestria that should always be remembered, but not only had glorious moments. Some windows had the image itself Celestia fighting evil creatures to Heroes images succumbing to evil.

When the hand of the princess would turn the lock to the two enter the room, Spike called. “Princess,Twilight will be right?"

Princess turned to the boy, knelt to stay in his time and pulled him into a hug. "Spike remember one thing: Twilight will always be fine” Cadence said to herself believe too

"Th-thank you Princess"

Cadence just smiled at it is pulled the door.

Neither of them expected see it. Spike did not see it for at least 4 years.

Twilight was thrashing in pain on the bed. A cold sweat ran down his face and mingled with the tears spilled from her eyes.

The nails were strongly driven into the mattress tearing. But the worst part...was she was screaming pain, as if something was tearing the inside.

"What's hell is going on to her!!?" Asked Cadence shocked.

"A nightmare" Spike said, completely serious and walked to the bed of her sister. The embraced, ignoring the pain of the shots she took it.

Even not obeying what the Twilight said when this crisis first happened.

Once the Twilight almost killed Spike asphyxiated, she still had not forgiven him for it. And what had made promise that no matter what happens, he must not go near it.

"You are not alone Twily" Spike said hugging her stronger for it stops moving.

Worked slowly she was stopped, the tears stopped and agonizing cries of pain turned incomprehensible mutterings.

The princess was just stopped, not knowing what to do and sorry for not doing anything.

"I ... s-she ... it happens often?" Princess Cadence asked worriedly, she was trying to recover from what had just happened. Using breathing techniques she had learned.

Only who answered was not Spike.

"I had been a few months ..." Twilight said looking straight into eyes of the princess.

She sat on the bed and hugged Spike that was shaking. He was strong, but even he does not admit Spike was afraid of the nightmares had done and could still make Twilight.

"I do not fulfill what I said ..." Spike was Beady eyes and pulling the nose phlegm to be able to stop flow.

Even though a situation means disgusting, Twilight did not care.

"You did your best Spike. That's what valley and ... Thank you"Twilight said ruffling his hair.

Twilight blushed as she saw the Cadence to do in such an intimate way.

"It's Been a while since I see you on ..." Cadence said nostalgic, approaching the Twilight. But as soon as she realized that Twilight was not comfortable with the closeness she pulled away "On behalf of Queen Celestia ..." Cadence has stopped.

"Before you start talking about it, I'll get ready for us to have real conversation" Twilight said a little rudely and stood up.

She knew too well the castle. As soon as she closed the door behind her she saw that the bathrooms of the guest rooms had not changed anything. Twilight also not surprised by a change of clothes in the sink.

"I.Am.Fine "Twilight said to herself, took deep breath. As soon as she was sure it would not have any panic attack, she was gently taking the yellow pajama set she was wearing. "Who was? ...doesn’t matter".

She turned on the faucet and slowly the water was filling the tub. Twilight only realized it was too much when she saw the steam was clouding his sight and was running bathwater.

Twilight didn’t resist and let out a long sigh with water only once a week the water in your house would be warm coming out of your faucet and most times the Spike took so much that she ended.

Once the Twilight finished dressing she was see how the clothes had stayed in it.I’m fabulous,Twilight thought looking in the mirror with an amused smile.

Once the Twilight came out of the bathroom she noticed that the room was empty, with no ticket. Shrugging she left the room and began to walk the halls.

They could spend centuries and the young witch would always find something magical window shopping. These windows along the castle told the story - or a part of the history of Equestria.

But the most "important" were in the Queen's throne room, she thought he was a complete idiot as all had an important place in history ...


Being in the Castle was not going well, she had to find Spike and left there as soon as possible.

So before the witch did something stupid. A guard blue eyes coughed to get his attention.

"Lady Twilight Sparkle.Princess Mi Amore Cadenza requests your presence" the guard said. He had a suspicion that witch. Since Twilight Sparkle didn’t have the best reputation of all.

"All right" Twilight answered, sighed frustratingly.

Without a word the guard turned and started to walk up to the room they used to discuss business with nations. Twilight just followed him without saying anything either.

So it was all the way at the castle, on a tense atmosphere that hung over them. Before the guard could say something stupid to Cadance Princess opened the door.

"Thank you" Candace said politely to the guard, nervously just waved to the Princess "Twilight ..."

"Let's talk Princess" Twilight said, giving a wry smile to the princess returned.

The Princess opened his door for the witch of violet eyes could enter, the guard was continued his patrol while its wings were moving uneasily on his armor.

To say that Twilight was nervous was an understatement, it also was pulling deep breaths to get calm.

Cadence Princess closed the door and sat in front of the witch.

"How are you feeling?" Cadence asked worriedly playing the Twilight to give some comfort.

"I'll be fine ..." Twilight said, no matter what happens she always was.

"I know" said Cadence, but soon returned to possession of Princess and continued "The Queen Celestia, is willing to fulfill any desire you want. You for helping me with those guys ... "Princess Cadence said seriously looking into the eyes on the sorceress.

"I'm flattered ..." Twilight began to talk seriously, but could not stand the irony in that request and laughed. It was a time that she laughed so his belly was getting sore "Sorry, Candace. But I can’t accept anything from her and I know she's my Queen, the Goddess for whom I was taught pray and I’ll follow her orders without question ... but that's it! "Twilight rose from his chair and went to the window observe the sky "I don’t want anycontact with her, I ... You know! The blame for Sunset disappear is it and it still makes me this ridiculous offer? "Twilight was already dropping the years she repressed her anger explode a once, his breathing was rapid and she wanted to break something but once the Twilight looked at Cadence, Twilight repented.

Cadence also suffered, wanting or not both Candace and Sunset sisters shared a relationship and Candace was with Twilight that night.Even though they did not do well most of the time thanks to the arrogance of Sunset.


Twilight tried to speak, she opened her mouth but no words come out. She was feeling a selfish bitch.

"I'm going send the guards call Spike" Cadence said getting up and heading toward the door but before opening she looked at the sorceress "No matter what happens Twilight, I'll never leave you ... Even if you want" Cadence said and left, closing the door behind him.

These words hit Twilight but what she would like. She sat up, propping up the wall and capping his mouth to try to suppress an agonizing pain cry.

Twilight got staring at nothing until the door opened. As she looked up, Twilight falsely smiled at his faithful assistant.

"You want ice cream on the way home?" Twilight asked, standing up.

"You're the best Twily" Spike screamed and ran to hug there.

Just as Faust knew she needed it.

Twilight unwittingly cross paths with another character of her past, she decided to teleport out of the castle.

It was already night when the sorceress and the dragon finally came in, the two carrying bags full of food. It was time for Twilight to buy things for the house. With exhaustion, she didn’t even see a small note on the table.

I hope it gets better, now that it has become the famous "witch who saved the princess".
Congratulations, when you come back, I ask you to come and see me urgently. That's about it,


"Spike keeps the fruit for me?" Twilight asked, entering the house right after the boy and closing the door with his foot.


"Of course," Spike replied, taking her purchases and leading them to the kitchen"Anything else?" He shouted from the kitchen.


"All done Spike, it's late so I'll enjoy it and sleep," Twilight said, coming back from the kitchen with a glass and a bottle of cider.


Twilight went upstairs, into the small, stuffy bedroom, and opened the window. To be out of breath with the beauty of the moon, it had been a while since she'd stopped to sit and watch the sunrise and the moonlight.


Sighing gloomily Twilight began to undress and wear a striped long sleeve T-shirt as pajamas.


Twilight sat in the chair, with the table full of scribbles, maps and posters with rewards. Twilight just ignored it for just one night and filled the glass and drank.


Another, another, another and another. She lost count and fell asleep in her chair.


Twilight drank every night to avoid dreams.


Then imagine the scare it took to be awakened in the middle of the night by the person she hated most in Equestria.


"We need to talk," Queen Celestia said, sitting cross-legged in front of the sorceress.


Twilight bit her cheek until she felt the taste of iron and holding herself back to say nothing regrettable. As soon as Twilight was able to calm down, she paid attention to the world around her.


A dream, she thought with conviction. Twilight was floating in the night sky, sitting on a bed that floated in nowhere with a goddess in front of her waiting for an answer.


"How are you in my dream?" Twilight asked, not being curious.


"Twilight Sparkle I don’t have control of dreams ... So listen carefully, we won't have much time" Queen Celestia said, without waiting for a response from the sorceress "This year will be the thousandth celebration of the sun. Creatures imprisoned for thousands of years for me will be released, so I am summoning all sorcerers and citizens of Equestria who want to help ... "


Not quite the truth ...


"I don t quite understand, but it seems like you want me to fight Gods?" Twilight asked interrupting the Queen, finding this story absurd.


"I got a secret report telling me about an organization that aims to speed up their escape." Celestia continued to completely ignore Twilight's questions. "So I'm sending one of the best witches, you Twilight Sparkle, on a quest to find the organization, Hold them and stop the world from ending. "Celestia ended her speech, leaving a stunned Twilight.


Celestia regretted only a little exaggeration.




Across the station, Rarity saw the Twilight Witch with her buddy Spike. She put the most charming smile on her face before approaching them.


"Hello again Dear..."

Notas Finais

So many things happened, but I just want to say sorry.

The tavern and the convinced sorceressl, the next chapter.

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