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Hey everyone, i just wanted to say.. Firstly, thank you very much for reading my fanfic !!! ♥ and I wanted to say one more thing, even if it's rated for +18 ,this chapter isn't inappropriated^^ so all ages can read this chapter

Capítulo 1 - The very beginning


                 The Very Beginning 

It was the start of everything, in a uncommon way. It was just a normal raining night on the SDM and even with the raining, Hong Meiling where on her post, guarding the mansion.
 There weren't any enemies on this day, so she was really bored there. The Chinese woman we're almost sleeping when she heard a noise. She walked towards the weird sonds, ready to kill whatever it was. 
 Meiling saw the shadow of the creature. 
"It's really small" she through "So it must be a fairy" 
She kept waking toward the "thing" but once she saw it, she got surprised. 
 It were only a small human girl, she looked like 6 - 8 years old and she was really thin. Her clothes were dirty, her hair, white, covered with mud. She looked scared, alone and no loved. 
 Meiling kneeled down, next to her, petting her head. 
"Hello little one, where are your parents? "
She said, but the girl kept in silent
"Oh, I see.. You don't have parents, right? "
This time the girl answered, only nodding. 
"So, are you hungry? "
Meiling said with a big smile that made the young girl blush. 
 Meiling took the girl to inside of the mansion, she gave food, bathed the girl, and put a beautiful blue dress on the girl. 
"It match with your eyes"
Meiling said smiling and the girl smiled too
"T-thank you.. "
"Oh, you smiled! How cute! You're so cute! "
 Meiling hugged tightly as the white haired girl was a Teddy bear. "We must give you a name... Maybe if I talked to my ojou sama... "
"O-ojou Sama?.. "
"Yes, her name is Remilia Scarlet. But don't worry, she is nice" Meiling showed a smile, but then it fade away "sometimes... Well then, I'll show you to her. Come on! "
The Chinese woman hold the girl's hand and walked to the room of Remilia Scarlet, the owner of the mansion. 
 There was her, the looking-young vampire, sitting on her red blood chair, drinking tea and watching the moon
"Ojou sama! I need your help with her"
Meiling pronounced 
"Who is her? "
Remilia asked as a answer 
"She is a young human girl that I found.. She doesn't have a family, so could I keep her? "
"Hm, a human? Interesting... You know, I always wanted a pet, a human could be a nice one"
The unnamed girl kept in silence, while Meiling and Remilia were talking about her. But then, remilia approached and hold the girl's chin with her thumb, taking a long look on the girl's face. 
"You're going to be a pretty woman when you grow up... I should name you, right? What about... Izayoi Sakuya? Did you liked?"
Remilia said and walked back to her chair
"It's a pretty name! "
Meiling said happily 
"Shut up, I'm talking with her, your idiot! "
Remilia shouted
"I-i liked... "
Sakuya said
"Good" Remilia smiled showing her fangs"I wonder how your blood tastes like.. "
Sakuya, scared, hugged Meiling's arm
"She wouldn't hurt you, I promise"
Meiling took her in her arms, holding like a baby 
  Remilia took a sip of her tea and looked at sakuya with her red scarlet eyes, so bright that looked like they're glowing. She we're really interested on the young human. 
"Sakuya, tell me about how you get here... No, no, tell me your history"
The vampired smiled
"I-I used to live in an orphanage where the kids didn't let me play and hurt me because of my power... They called me 'the devil kid'..."
Sakuya started to tell, but then was interrupted by Remilia. 
"So you're saying that you have powers? What is your power? "
"I.. I don't know very well, I just.. I just... "
Again, she was interrupted. 
"Meiling, bring Patchouli here, I need her to discover what's this girl power"
Remilia ordered. 
 Meiling  went to the huge library, soon she were back with a magician, dressed in purple, who had her long hair the same color as her clothes, but darker. Patchouli Knowledge were her name. With her there was a red-head, succubus, who looked like really kind and little bit of innocent, Her name was koakuma. 

"What do you want Remi? "
Patchouli asked, without taking her eyes away from the book on her hands 

"Patche, I want you to discover what is this girl power"
Remilia said, touching the purple haired girl shoulder. 

"Well, let me see... " she closed her book and gave it to her succubus "hm.. She is a human, right? But, somehow... She has time controlling powers.. " 
Patchouli said holding Sakuya's face

"Why everyone hold her face?…"
Meiling said jealousy 

"Maybe because she has a really pretty face"
Koakuma completed 

Remilia looked at Meiling
"Is better you take really good care of my human, did you hear me, China? "

"Y-yes, Madam "
Meiling said nervously and hold sakuya's hand, taking her back to the bedroom. 

 Later on that night there was Sakuya, sitting on the bed with meiling behind her, brushing her hair
"Your hair is so beautiful, Sakuya Chan! "
Meiling gave a kiss on Sakuya's head

"Meiling, will you take care of me... Forever? "
Sakuya said hiding her face with her hands

"Of course! Forever and ever! So, what hairdo do you want? "

"I want two braids like yours, Meiling! "
The small girl said smiling

 After that, Sakuya had a family, who really loved her.  Especially Remilia and Meiling 


Notas Finais

I hope you all enjoyed the history ^^

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