História The heart of a perfect maid (English) - Capítulo 2

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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

Capítulo 2 - The fist desire

After passing some years, Sakuya's friendship with Meiling turned in a secret relationship. She notice as well something good about being the only mortal there. No matter how oder you get, the one you love will always look the same to a immortal. So this is what happened, Sakuya now is 16 years old and her lover... Well... Nobody knows Meiling's age. 
 Sakuya's beloved one always were Meiling, but it doesn't change the fact that Remilia loves Sakuya as well. 
Sakuya and Meiling started to date in secret. Kissing, holding hands, hugging... All in secret. They never could go further then this, or they would be caught, but it changed, for only one day, when Remilia had some business for they both. They had to kill a vampire hunter. It was a long trip, and the girls had to go hidden in a transport ship.
  The hunter were assassinated by them on his own house. There was blood everywhere, and a dead body in the bathtub. 
 It wasn't so easy to kill him, the both girls were injured. 
"I'll search for some bandages for us, keep here, you're blooding too much, Meiling"
Sakuya said, removing one of her knifes from the dead's head
"Okay.. Ouch.. This hurts.. "
Meiling said placing her hand on the injured belly
"I know, I know, but you have to stay here or it can get worse"
 Saying that, Sakuya left and some minutes later she were back, with a box which had bandages and medicines. She looked at Meiling then to the box
"It's better we take a shower first, were covered in blood.. "
Sakuya started to walk with Meiling following her, luckily, there was another bathroom. Because they couldn't use the one with a dead on the bathtub. 
 Once they got on the bathroom, Meiling started to take off her clothes. 
"You aren't going to take off yours? "
Meiling said, placing a kiss on Sakuya's cheek
"You can go first, when it's my turn I'll take off"
Sakuya said, leaning against the wall. 
"But I wanted to bath with you... "
"Aren't you injured one minute ago? "
"It doesn't change the fact that I Love you"
Meiling hugged Sakuya after saying this sentence. Sakuya closed her eyes and breathed deeply. 
"Okay, I'll go with you"
She said and felt Meiling undressing her. To Sakuya this was a strange feeling, even that she was really mature, she was just 16 and no one never undressed her before, so she got a little embarrassed.
 The white haired girl entered before, and turned on the water, soon she felt Meiling holding her from behind and kissing her neck. 
"What are you planning to do, Meiling? "
Sakuya asked with a serious expression on her face.
"You're going to find out~"
 Meiling said moving her hand down on sakuya's body, until she reached on Sakuya's private part, but Sakuya quickly stopped her. 
"S-stop! "
Sakuya almost shouted in embarrassment 
"What's the matter? "
Meiling asked
"I-I'm.. I'm still a virgin... "
"Oh... Sorry... "
"It's better not to do this now.. Could we just do this.. Later? "
"Whenever you want, Sakuya"
Meiling said, kissing Sakuya deeply, holding her carefully. And Sakuya were caressing her lover's face, while kissing. Soon she felt Meiling's tongue, inside her mouth. It was like the two tounges where battling inside her mouth, but then they separated their lips, gasping for air. 
When they got off the bathtub, they went to a room, where Sakuya took care of Meiling's Injuries. Wrapping them with the bandages. Then they put on the clothes that they brought on a small suitcase. After that Sakuya laid on the bed, next to Meiling. 
"Hey girl, do you always come here? "
Meiling smiled, flirting Sakuya
"No, but for you I could always come"
Sakuya smiled as well and kissed her
 Meiling hold her and whispered on her ear
"Can we do 'that' now? "
"I don't know.. I... "
"I promisse i'll be careful "
"Okay, then... "
Meiling started to kiss her deeply again, taking of Sakuya's and her own clothes. Once they both were naked, Meiling got on top, kissing now Sakuya's neck while her were carresing red headed woman's body. The girl let it out small moanings. Meiling kept kissing, while going down on Sakuya's body until reach on her private part. 
"Can I? "
"Yes, Meiling... "
The Chinese woman then opened more the younger legs, licking her whole private part. Sakuya moaned in pleasure, holding on the sheets of the bed. Meiling kept licking, but now more focused on her girlfriend's clitoris, gently passing the tip of her tongue on it, causing Sakuya to have a spasm, moaning a bit louder. 
"A-aah...! Meiling...! "
Sakuya moaned, putting her legs on top off Meiling's shoulders. The older woman smiled and penetrated one finger inside, as the other moaned.She put another one, moving them inside of her. Soon she saw blood on her fingers. It was Sakuya's himen. 
The young girl felt like she was melting from inside, it was so good, she never had experimented something like that before, it was just so good... 
"M-Meiling...! I'll cum..! I'm gonna... "
Sakuya moaned louder as she hit the orgasm.
 Meiling smiled and kissed her
"It's your turn" 
Meiling said laying down, this time, her girl was on top. She went directly to Meilings breasts, licking one of them and "playing" with the other using one of her hands. Meiling moaned low, smiling at her
"You're so pretty"
"Thank you"
Sakuya said and went down, to her private part, licking it carefully, she played with her clitoris. 
Meiling moaned from sakuya's tongue and she quickly cummed
After that, the girls felt asleep, tired.
 On the other day,when Sakuya woke up,she noticed bite and hickey marks  so she rembered about everything that happened on the other night.

"it was so good..." 
Sakuya whispered to herself

Sakuya heard a voice saying,but she quickly that it was just Meiling. She hold Sakuya from behind
"You're so cute Sakuya chan..."
Meilng said laying her girlfriend on the bed and getting on top

"Do you want to do that again?"
Sakuya asked caressing the chinese woman's face

"we're going to do thiss today..All day long"

So, they had to stay there for more days until their "love marks" on their body disappeared 

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