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Author: Hi, Aki is here. I want to know what you think of this chapter. If my grammar is bad please tell me. And don't flame thanks. Oh, and also her name was supposed to be Themis in the beginning but I changed it to Theresa. Please tell me if you picked out any mistakes on her name.

Capítulo 1 - Hogwarts

Fanfic / Fanfiction Theresa Sparks || Book 1 - Capítulo 1 - Hogwarts

Chapter 1: Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft

Theresa Sparks of, 10 Moonlight Street, Little Whinging would be the first to say she had never felt that she fit in if anyone were to ask, and it wasn't as if she cared. Everyday in school, her schoolmates would do nothing but avoid her and talk in hushed whispers. 

​​​​​​Theresa was different from girls her age who seemed to be more interested in boys than anything else. Theresa had short untidy black hair that is straight and goes right above her pale and small shoulders with dark brown eyes that can be easily mistaken as black. 

She's the type where one had to glance twice to make sure they were seeing a human and not a ghost. 

Theresa knew that she was different. But she just didn't care. Ever since her best friend in third grade did that, she learned to deal with whatever people threw at her. "I'm home..." 

The Sparks were a home of four. A mother with a mature daughter and two sweet twins. Nothing special, just ordinary.

"Thea! You're back! Come, help me with the groceries!" Without taking her eyes off the book she had been reading since she arrived home, Thea left her bag on the floor beside the kitchen door and went towards her mother. 

"Oh blimey! Would you get your nose out of the book for a second!" Huffed Mrs. Sparks.

Thea looked up to stare at her frustrated mother, whose hands made their way to her hips and face decorated with a disapproving look. With a sigh she memorized the book page, 286, before closing them and placed it on top of the dining table. "Yes mom..." 

She placed all the groceries accordingly, the fridge, the cupboard, the drawers beneath the sink. She dusted off the imaginary dust from her hands before taking up her book once more. 

With just one try she already reached her wanted page, brushing off as a mere coincidence she continued reading. 

"Thea! Check the mail, I think I just saw the postman pass by!" With a exasperated sigh, Thea put her book down after memorizing the page yet again, and went out of the house. Checking the mail she shuffled them, noting each name. Mrs. Tracy Sparks, her mother's name, appearing most with occasionally her father, Mr. Sparks, mixed within. But one had caught her attention, well wouldn't it if an envelope with your name was on it? And not to mention it had a stalker-ish looking address on it. 

​​Ms. Theresa Sparks 

The second master bedroom 

27 Moonlight Street

Little Whinging


The envelope was thick and heavy, made of yellowish parchment, and the address was written in emerald-green ink. But there was no stamp, none at all. Turning the envelope over, her hands brushed over the purple wax seal. 

It was very eye catching, bearing a coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger, and a snake surrounding the large letter, H. 

Theresa felt that the envelope seems to give her a wash of déjà vu but brushed it off and head towards her mother eyes still glued on the envelope. "Mom..." She asked, for the first time realizing how confused she sounded.

"Yes, Thea?" 

"I got a.. an envelope. And it's so stalker-ish. " 

Mrs. Sparks was a woman who follows her intuition all the time. And right now her intuition was blaring within her as if something came to bite her. She turned to her daughter who had never sounded as confuse as she is right now and her face drained of all color. Her husband and her past had came to bite them back. "Theresa dear, take a sit."

She dry her hands on her apron before bringing two cups of war water. She took a seat on the dining table chair and her daughter followed suit, sitting right across.

"Thea, you know about the bedtime stories me and your dad use to tell you?" Mrs. Sparks asked her daughter who had a puzzled look plastered across her face before it faded into realization. "You mean where ones where people practice Magic and and has a bad dude who was so evil everyone called him you-know-who?"

Mrs. Sparks took a deep breath and shared as much as she could, realizing that she couldn't keep anything from her daughter anymore now that the letter was sent. This was also because of a promise she made to send her children to Hogwarts if the letter ever came.

 "Yes. Well it's all real. We wanted to keep you guys out for safety but made a silent promise to let you go if Dumbledore ever found you. That's why we never told you about Hogwarts. Your father and I tried to keep you guys out. That's why we quit the Wizardr World. We even took extreme action to move into a mug-, i mean normal people area. We saw what magic did to others but we didn't want it to happen to yo-"

"So you kept it from us– Lia, Nick and me, in hopes we would be kept out of the whatever world you and dad was from but failed miserably when a letter from what i assume was your old school came our way. Perfect mom... instead of telling us you kept us like toads under wells!... Sorry i didn't mean to let my tongue run lose." 

Thea knew she was frustrated, she had after all let her tongue get the better of her. And the guilty and ashamed look on her mother's face just ate her heart out. It didn't help that she knew she had been out of line. 

"No. It is I– No, your father and I are the ones who should be sorry. Come we will talk one's your siblings get home. No more secrets, our family rule isn't it, Thea? Family means no secrets." Thea chuckled before hugging her mother. She loved her mother and yes, that rule and helped them more than it would to any other.

: ... : ... : ... : ... : ... : ... :

"Sissy!!!!" Thea groaned as she heard familiar shouts of her too hyper for their own good siblings. She put her book out of harm ad braised herself for incoming attacks. And attack they did, two brown blurs were on her bed, flattening her. "Get off! I'm dying..."

"Oh don't be such a wuss sissy..." a sassy voice said, Thalia Sparks, Thea's younger sister and twin to her other younger sibling, Nike Sparks. Thalia and Nike were very much alike when they were together but when they are separated, you would see how different they were. 

Thalia was much more taller and the more athletic of the twins. Although Nike was good at sports, he mostly indulge himself in books. However, Theresa loved both of them a lot, maybe Nike more than Thalia. 

It wasn't because she was biased or anything. No it was because when the twins were younger, Thalia would get sick easily, naturally demanding their mother's attention more. This caused Nike to seek his sister, Theresa, whenever he needed someone, making the two of them closer than them with Thalia. 

Thea mumbled something under her breath before pushing her sibling off her lightly. "In case you don't know... you guys are bloody heavy."

"Are you calling us fat?" The twins gasped in fake horror as they got off her making Thea roll her eyes.


"MOM! Sissy is being mean to us!" The twins ran out of the room shouting for their mom.

: ... : ... : ... : ... : ... : ... :

It was dinner time at the Sparks household, the whole family of four was in the kitchen. The mother was setting up the dishes while the twins were rambling on and on. Thea was the one on cooking duty today.

"So Sissy what's-"

"-for dinner this time?"

"Food" Used to the twins antics by now Thea continued on with her finishing touches on her dish replying them with a word... making them whine. "Awe.... come on!!!"

"Thea, I'm done with the table!" Mrs. Sparks smiled warmly at her family as her eldest daughter, Thea, gave her a glance before answering

 "Yeah, gimme a sec..."

: ... : ... : ... : ... : ... : ... :

"Lia, Nick i need to talk with you guys and Thea." All three sat in the living room and listen to their mother. Mrs. Sparks told them everything she could think off at the moment.

"So we're like witches ad wizard-"

"-And we get pointy hats and brooms-"

"-Along with hexes and spells-"


Oh Thea just knew something was going to happen. Yes the twinkle in the twins eyes didn't help at all. They weren't known as the Royal Jesters in the neighborhood for nothing. "What bout' sissy?"

"She'll be heading to School for Wizards and Witches in two weeks. We'll be going shopping for her things as soon as possible!" Thea turned her head so fast that she was surprise it didn't snap. "Excuse me?" Thea muster up something but- "What bout us!" -to her displeasure her mother intentionally ignored her and told the twins they were too young and had to wait for a letter next year.

"Oh okay! Night!!!!" And there the twins went, disappearing up the stairs. Theresa turned to her mother and gave a puzzled look. "Mom what do you mean i'm attending Hogwarts in two weeks?"

"Exactly what i mean."

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