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Capítulo 2 - Harry Potter

Fanfic / Fanfiction Theresa Sparks || Book 1 - Capítulo 2 - Harry Potter

Chapter 2: Harry Potter, the boy who lived

Theresa was reading the requirements a first year need in Hogwarts. So far it was mostly what's normal. But she have to say, where's the money gonna come from? 



First-year students will require:

1. Three sets of plain work robes (Black)

2. One plain pointed hate (Black) for day wear

3. One pair of protective gloves (Dragon hide or similar)

At this Thea stop reading and look up at her grinning mother. "Dragons are real? You didn't tell us that." However Thea's mother just smiled and gave her a look that screams 'continue reading'. 

With a gulp she continued on reading... and the thoughts about her mother being Bipolar surfacing from the back of her mind.

4. One Winter Cloak (black, silver fastenings)

"The rest are all books mom..."

"Thea skip to the part where you see equipment" With a groan Thea skipped to the part where 'OTHER EQUIPMENT' was written in big fonts. Her eyes skimmed thorough the first requirement and thought about it. "So we're gonna get me a wand? " 

"YES!" So that's what she was waiting for. Thea was deadpanning at her mother's enthusiastic look and continued reading.

"Mom why do we need an owl or a toad or a cat- why do we even need animals in general? " 

"As messengers of sort. Or partners. Or familiars."

"Cool... An owl would be cool," Thea said tossing the envelope on the table. She was still wondering where they would get all the stuff and where would all the money to buy then come from. She assumed that it would be expensive, after all it's not everyday that you leaned to e a wizard, a witch in this case. And Thea couldn't help but feel slightly nervous at this.

: ... : ... : ... : ... : ... : ... :

"Come on hurry -"

"- up! Don't be such-"

"-a slowpoke, Sissy!"

The twins were excited, they had never encounter magic before and even though their sister haven't either. Today they were going to shop in a place where all wizards and witches shop, no way they were going to miss it, their hearts were thumbing, dammit!

Mrs. Sparks was sitting on the couch trying to open a container with powder inside while she stopped for a moment to chuckle at her children's behavior. Soon Thea came down the stairs, nose stuck in her book yet again. 

The twins grimaced at the fact the book was thicker than the last one she read. "I'm down..."

"Thea sweetheart, no books are allowed," Thea looked up ready to protest, but wisely shut her mouth at her mother's look, not just any look it was the look. "You don't want your book to somehow end up being donated do you?" 

Theresa had no choice but to place her book down on the living room coffee table and sat down beside her mother. The twins were jumping up and down so much Thea swear their heads would bounce off any moment now. "So... where are we going?"

"Into the fire," Mrs. Sparks said, laughing internally at her children's flabbergasted faces, "and up the chimney."

"Excuse me?" The children asked in perfect unison.

"You'll see once i got this thing opened." Thea's mother was still struggling with the container she tried to opened from before, so far her efforts bore no fruit. 

Thea couldn't help but feel sorry for her mother and took the container. "Mom, just hit it upside down from three times and open it." As if to prove her statement, Thea did just that. "Well, now what?"

"It's call the Floo Network" Terra said smiling while the twins responded with a confused "huh" and Thea just furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"It's something like teleportation, this-" Taking a hand full of dull coloured powder "-is Floo powder, throw it into the fire and jump in while shouting you desired destination. Simple, ain't it?"

"WOAH! COOL!!" Thalia and Nike were both running around the living room in excitement, well who wouldn't if you could teleport by jumping into fire? 

Thea was sitting there, eyes flickering between her mother's happy face and the burning hot fire that roars in the chimney. And her eyes narrowed, "So that's why you ask me to clean the fireplace yesterday night..."

"Anyway..." Mrs Sparks threw a pinch of power into the fireplace that promptly burst into green flames. "Now, what do we do? What do we do now, mom? Come on tell us, tell us!" 

The twins were in front of Mrs Sparks so fast that it would put a cheetah to shame.

"Well, each one get a small bit of powder-" Mrs. Sparks gave powder to everyone "-and throw it into the fire, after that you jump in and shout 'Diagon Alley' loudly."

Thea watched in interest as Thalia, her younger sister jump in and disappeared with a shout of 'Diagon Alley' and her mother soon followed after. 

However her brother Nike looked quite hesitant. "Hey Sissy, we won' get burned would we?"

Smiling at her brother whose brown eyes was filled with worry, Thea put a comforting hand on his head and spoke softly. "We won't, don't worry I'll be right behind you."

Nodding his head, he jumped into the fire and shouted 'Diagon Alley', his brown hair was the last thing she saw before Thea was left all alone in the house, staring at the flickering green fire. She turned and looked around her house.

So this is it, Thea thought as she smiled. She found out that her bedtime stories weren't just stories, they were real. Her mother lied to protect her. She had always wanted to someone like one of those heroes in the story once because she simply -and no doubt blindly- just though it was cool.

But no it was different, she wanted to fit it, she wanted to feel like she belonged somewhere, she wanted friends and most importantly she wanted to know where her father was. And she'll be bloody stupid to let this opportunity pass.

With a new fire burning in her eyes, she breath in deeply before throwing into the fire. She turned to catch a final glimpse of her house before she fell into another world entirely and jumped into the fire. "Diagon Alley!"

: ... : ... : ... : ... : ... : ... :

"Sissy!" As soon as Thea landed she was ambushed by a blur of brown, her brother Nike. He buried his head into her stomach and she could feel wetness from it. She leaned down and whispered, "A big man shouldn't cry..."

"Am not, eyes are itchy." Thought they were only a year apart, her brother had a small structure, like herself, her mother. Thea hugged him before standing up. "Come on where's mom and Lia?"

"They're buying food. They say to wait here." Thea found a bench and sat down to wait. They didn't have to wait for long soon the whole family of four gathered and went along.

"First stop?" Thea's mother asked she took awhile before saying, "Uniform"

"Ah, let's go to Malkin's" They went and stopped a few times when the shop came into view, Thea told her mother she could deal with it herself and ask them to go around. 

Mrs. Sparks although slightly hesitant allowed because she saw her younger children's excited faces.

Theresa walked and was greeted by a squatting woman -who she assumed to be Madam Malkin- and a boy that looked her age. 

They were exchanging few words before the boy went to the back of the shop. Madam Merlin turned to her and smiles, "Hogwarts too, i assume?"

Giving a nod, she too went to the back of the shop. She saw the boys speaking, the one from before and one with a sharp pointed face and blonde hair. 

She listened to their conversation as they hadn't notice her present.

"-Know what house you'll be in yet?"


"Well, no one really knows until they get there, do they, but I know I'll be in Slytherin, all out family have been. Imagine if I end up in Hufflepuff, I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?" 

Thea was staring to have a growing dislike for this boy. And the black haired boy seemed to be quite unsettled.


"I say, look at that man!" said the blonde suddenly, head nodding towards the window. 

A big burly man was standing there grinning at them while pointing at two large ice creams.

"That's Hadgrid" said the black haired boy, voice turning cold. "He works at Hogwarts"

Heh... Thea didn't know giants existed, if you count out inhumanly tall or big size people, she had never seen someone like this 'Hadgrid' guy. 

"I think he's brilliant." The temperature in the room seem to have fell, The black haired boy gave a cold stare towards the blonde who seemed taken aback before sneer appeared on his face.

"Do you now... and why is he with you? Where's your parents?"

"Dead." Poor kid, Thea thought. It must have been a bit of a sore topic of sort seeing the boy flinched back slightly at the mention of 'parents'.

"Oh sorry" The boy apologized, very sincerely.

"They were our kind right?"

"They were witches and wizards if that's what you're implying."

"I really don't think they should let other sort in-" Thea tuned the boy out, she didn't want to listen about pointless racist rant. Or was it species-ist... if that was even a word. How could you say that other sorts can't be in. It's quite rude to think that way. He make it seem like normal people were filth.

"Well, I'll see you at Hogwarts, i suppose" said the drawling boy. He left and Thea was left with the unknown boy, who seems to be seething. 

"Hey, what's you name?" Asked Thea.

"Harry Potter." The boy, Harry, answered though he was staring at Theresa with a defensive look.

Thea couldn't blame him, even she would be defensive if a stranger asked about her dead parents and wave it off as it it were nothing.

"Hm, Theresa Sparks. Nice name you have." Thea had never been one who brought up conversations, but this boy was interesting. He seems different. Intriguing.

"Thanks, you were listening." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"Yeah, sorry didn't mean too." Thea gave him an apologetic stare but Harry merely gave a shrug before asking. "Hogwarts?"

"Yeah and you gonna have to go. Your... friend? Hadgrid, is calling" Thea said waving goodbye to Harry.

"Oh, okay. See you in Hogwarts"


: ... : ... : ... : ... : ... : ... :

"What's up?" said Hadgrid.

"Nothing." Harry lied. They stopped to buy parchment and quills. His mind was on on the girl he met before. She seemed so pale, as if she never been under the sun and was so thin that it could rival a stick.

She wasn't like the blonde boy who reminded deeply of Dudley, neither was she someone who made him feel awkward by keep on thanking him for something he doesn't even remember doing. Well, at least whatever he couldn't remember...

In all, Harry feel that she would be a good friend, and he didn't mind befriending her.

"Hadgrid, what's Quidditch?" Harry could be her friend later but for now he had tons of question left unanswered.

: ... : ... : ... : ... : ... : ... :

"I met a boy named Harry Potter." Stated Theresa, sucking on a sweet. 

"Blimey! Oh- Oh dearie me, you met THE Harry Potter!" Thea looked at her mom as if she lost her marbles while her siblings were just sitting down enjoying ice cream. "Yes."

"Oh Merlins's beard! You met the boy who defeated you-know-who! You met the boy who lived!"

Oh. So that's why. 

"Oh, my daughter talked to the boy who lived! Oh dear!" But for now she had a crazy mother to calm down... not to mentioned with half the people on the street were looking at them as if we had grown three heads. 

It was getting awkward.

: ... : ... : ... : ... : ... : ... :

Notas Finais

Aki: I never knew how people can manage to write so much but now I feel like I kinda understand them. I mean I don't even know how I wrote this much... So please tell me what do you think. No flaming.

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