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Capítulo 3 - Ollivander's

Fanfic / Fanfiction Theresa Sparks || Book 1 - Capítulo 3 - Ollivander's

Chapter 3: To Ollivander's for a Wand

"So what's next?" Thea was still in Diagon Alley, they had been on a clothing hunt, her mother decided that she needed new clothing and thus a trip in hell started.

Thank Merlin after an hour her mother finally decided to stay back on track and do what they was supposed to do — Pick up her Wizard equipment.

"Course books." Of course the twins were really tired by now, Lia was being carried by Thea's arm where as Nick was on her back. 

They were sleeping while mumbling something about chili and unicorns. Which made no sense at all.  

"Well let's go!" They head into a book store and it was filled with people, people of all age. Thea could easily make out 5 others that were her age, there was a girl who was literally shining in delight, a boy who was fidgeting all the time, another who was chewing on something.

The wizardry world was interesting, thought Thea staring at the people in the book store. 

The Sparks quickly paid for the chosen books before Thea's mother said they had to go to the bank. The Sparks soon reached a snowy white building that towered over the nearby little shops. Standing its burnished bronze doors, wearing a uniform of scarlet and gold, was a Goblin. The Goblin was about half a head shorter than Thea and had an ever so swarthy, clever face along with a pointed beard. Thea couldn't help but notice their long fingers and feet.

"This is Gringotts Wizarding Bank. The safest place in the world, second to Hogwarts." Thea couldn't help herself but stare in awe at both the building and the Goblin. She had never seen a Goblin, heard of them, yes, seen them, no. The Goblin bowed as they walked in and a silver door with words engraved upon them came into view:

Enter, stranger, but take heed,

Of what awaits the sin of Greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn,

So if you seek beneath our floors,

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

"See, isn't it amazing?" said Mrs. Sparks.

It was amazing, but Thea felt as it there was something more to the poem than it seems. 

A pair of Goblins bowed them through the silver door and their view changed into a marble hall. About a hundred or two more goblins were sitting on high stools behind a very long counter, scribbling into ledgers while weighing coins on brass scales. 

Couldn't be bothered with counting the doors that were leading down the hall, Thea turned her attention back to her now slipping brother and shifted slightly so he was back in position. "Good Morning, Sir. We've come to take the some out of the family vault, Vault 555. "

"I assume you have the key, Ma'am?"

"Certainly... Give me minute." Thea's mother rummaged her bag while the Goblin waited patiently. 

Thea titled her head to the right and watched as the another Goblin on their left was weighing a sack of diamonds that were sizes that would put glowing coals to shame.

"Here." Mrs. Sparks took out a small wooden case and took a small key out. The key had a brilliant shade of gold and was as small of Thea's pinkie. The Goblin took a look closely before humming. "Seems to be in order. I'll get someone to take you down... Garphinge!"

Garphinge was yet another Goblin. Once Thea woke her siblings up, under her mother's command, they set out towards one of the doors leading off the hall. 

Thea was expecting another lane full of marbles or gold, but boy was she surprised. It was a narrow stone passageway lit with bright flaming torches with the roads sloped downwards steeply. "Where are we?"

The twins who were holding onto Thea's hands had finally woken up, asked Thea who told them it was a bank. A whistle was head before a cart came hurtling up the tracks -that none of the children noticed before towards- them. "Come on, into the cart"

At first they just hurled through the maze of twist and turns, Thea even attempted to remember the road but quickly threw that thought away. 

She noticed that the cart was driving itself as the Goblin, Garphinge, wasn't steering. "I'm going green..."

Her siblings plunged their heads into her body for comfort, Thea knew they had slight motion sickness. Closing her eyes as the cold air stung them, she held both of them closer and leaned back slightly. Soon they stopped.

Garphinge unlocked the door and out came thick green smoke. Thea couldn't help but let her jaws slacked slightly, stacks of gold, silver and bronze money? -which she assume was what her mother called galleons, sickles and knuts- flooded the whole safe. "Mom, is this all ours?"

"Oh but of course dear."

"OH MY GOSH! THERE'S SO MUCH GOLD!!!" The twins were literally bathing in the money, Mrs. Sparks took two hand fulls and placed it in a roast colored purse. "Come on let's go!"

: ... : ... : ... : ... : ... : ... :

They stood in front of a dilapidated looking building with 'Ollivanders' written on the sign in gold. This as supposed to be the best place to buy wand. Thea couldn't help but feel giddy, she was getting a wand after all. 

All of a sudden Thea was pulled down and two voices whisper in her ears, "Hey sissy, share the wand okay?"

"I think you have to get your own..."

"NOT FAIR!" The twins whined at their smirking sister. Mrs. Sparks was watching her children with a soft smile. "Okay! We have to go in!" 

"Okay!" They all went in and a tinkling bell rang somewhere in the depths of the old shop. It was magnificent, it wasn't prestigious like the Gringotts bank or anything, it was was a old and magnificent in magical way.

"Good Evening." said a soft voice. The twins jumped, Mrs. Sparks flinched while Thea snapped her neck in the direction. 

An old man as standing before them, his wide, pale eyes were twinkling with amusement in the gloom of the shop. "How may i help you?"

"Sir Ollivander!" Thea's mother excalimed in nostalgic before waving at the smiling old man. "Ah, Tracy, 12", ebony, unicorn hairs and bendy? Its your daughter's time for a wand I presume? Oh she looks like you but have her father's eyes. Your father, 13" chestnut, dragon heartstrings, flexible."

Sir Ollivander advanced towards Thea, while Thea was blinking non-stop at the man. "Well, Ms Sparks which is you wand arm?"

"Uh... I'm right-handed" said Thea.

"Hold out your arm." The twins were being surprisingly quiet, watching the old man measuring their sister from shoulder to finger, then wrist to elbow. "This will do. Try this one. Chestnut and Unicorn hair. 12 inches. Nice and bendy. Just take it and wave."

Thea took the wand and waved it around but nothing happened. And the wand was instantly snatched out of her grasp. "No, no, no. Try this one. 10 ½, Pine Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core, Fairly flexible"

Thea took the wand and felt warmth radiating out from it. She brought it up to eye level and gave it a swish, tons of wands levitated out of the cupboard. Thea dropped her wand in shock, making all the other wands drop to the ground.

"I'm so sorry!"

"Nope, that was amazing talent young lady" said Sir Ollivander smiling,

"You just got yourself a good wand"

Notas Finais

Aki: Yes! Theresa finally got her wand. Next chapter – Shaye and Platform 9¾. Tell me how you feel bout this chapter. Thanks, and again no flames please.

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