Jornal *ೃ run *ೃ

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You’re my one and only sun, only one in the world
I follow you but I just end up thirsty
It’s too late too late, I can’t live without you
Even though the branch is dry, it stretches out with all it’s might

Even if I reach out, my dream shatters
Even if I run crazily, I don’t get anywhere
Please just let me be yeah please let me be
This stupid idiot in love is struggling

Let me run
Let me run for you

Even if there are scars on my feet
I smile even when I look at your face

Even if I can’t have it I try
My stupid fate laughs at me

Don’t tell me bye
*ೃ∗ Love is a lie *ೃ∗

Escutando: Run - Bangtan Boys

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