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af·fec·tion əˈfekSH(ə)n/
a gentle feeling of fondness or 'liking.

"kpop is not just a music style. it's a family" — anon.
since i've became a kpopper i've noticed something that i haven't ever seen in american pop music. 'cause, you know, we may have fandom fights, or maybe our favorite companies are rivals, but... at the same time we're united. because we're all "korean bands' fans"! we belong to a minory. and i'm glad for being part of this family.
i love you guys, brothers and sisters, who also love this incredible music genre. if you're a old kpopper, thank you for being so welcoming. and if you're a new member of our family: welcome!
i think y'all know what happened to exo... it's sad, i know, but they gave us an amazing quote that describes exactly what i think about kpop fans:
"we are one."

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