Jornal B O S S Niggas O N L Y

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Nothing but bad bitches in here tonight

Don't listen to (How could they know)
What people say (How could they know)
They don't know (How could they know)
'Bout you and me (How could they know)

I'mma blow that motherfucker on a blue Bugatti
You know, I graduated summa cum laude
That's why they thinking I'm Illuminati
And matter fact, let's kiss and make-up
I'll help you escape on my blue Ducati

I'm out of my, out of my mind
Out of my fucking mind


For my niggas who gonna go to Hell and back for me
I'mma give em Heaven on Earth for a hell of a check
Yeah whichever come first
Blessings on blessings on blessings

Bad bitches, I'm your leader

If you act like a bitch, nobody will love you.

I love bad bitches, that's my fuckin problem
And yeah I like to fuck, I got a fuckin problem
If finding somebody real is your fuckin problem
Bring ya girls to the crib maybe we can solve it

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