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Tell me why are we wasting time in all your wasted crying
I just wanna give you the loving that {の愛あyou're missing


so don’t let me down

So what you trying to do to me it's like we can't stop we are εnεmies u are like a drug that's kiℓℓing
You can staяt over u preten∂ it's meant to be but u no stay away from me i'm preying just like animals

So if i run it's not enough you're stiℓℓ in my head ✿!forever stuck
So you can do what you wanna do i ♡love your lies I'll eat 'em up

But don't deny the animal {ぴぶぽso high when i'm inside you
Can smell your scent from мiles u can't deny the beast inside

Lotta smoking drinking that's the shit i'm on heard you not the typε that you takε home to mom
Probabℓy got a lot of other bitchεs owe you favors i took he i fucked him right there on the tabℓe

❝hyung i really ℓike you❞
❝i ℓike you too❞

to my senpai


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