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Oie... Foi mal não estar muito ativa nesses últimos tempos, sabe comé né... ksksks
Foi aniversário desse lindo no dia 13, e mesmo eu fazendo super atrasada, não me importa ;^; Nem vou fazer textão, apenas irei expressar meus sentimentos por ele através das músicas do BTS e outra frases.
Pra não ocupar muito espaço, se quiserem ver, abram o spoiler ^3^

*♡* Can you please stay with me? (◡‿◡✿)

⊱✿ If I'm the sun, you're the moon; because when I rise, you go down. ☀🌙

You’re the best to me just the way you are. ❤

When you smile, the sun into me shine. ✾

Right now, in front of my eyes, everything without you is a terribly pitch-black darkness. ☔

*.¸I am addicted to the prison that is you. ✿

You are my only sun, one and only in the world. ☀

You took away the stars of my night and the sun in my day. ⛅

I appreciate the masterpiece that is you, because your existence alone is art. 😍

❁ I want to approach you but you’re seriously too beautiful. 😻

💋 Kiss me on the lips lips; a secret between just the two of us; I’m deeply addicted to the prison that is you. 💜

💞 I’ll sing with all my heart if you say you can hear my voice. ♥

🌠 If it’s for you, I’m the type to sacrifice my body; I’ll always shine the light on you. 🎶

⊱❀ Describing you is impossible
⊱❀ It transcends the poetic
⊱❀ It’s because of you, like a capital letter
⊱❀ I want to place you first in my life ♡
⊱❀ A good house, a good car, those things can’t buy happiness
⊱❀ But I want to give it to you

❗ I have an eating disorder; Whatever I eat, I’m still hungry for you; The word ‘addiction’ can’t express all of this. ✨

First encounter, first text, first phone call; First date, first kiss in our own space; I want everything to be a first with you. 😍

💗 Our first date was sweet like a caramel macchiato; Wherever we went, we wanted to go together. ☕

✨ You, who’s like a dream is a butterfly high to me. 🌷


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