Jornal Break Up.

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Break Up.

Babe, i need you to know, that i want to break up.

Break up with these feelings that says i'm not good enough.

Break up with this sensation that you could need another one.

Break up with the distance that separate us.

Break up with the reality, that insist making me so powerless.

Break up with this anguish of can't help you at anytime you need to.

Break up with the voices in my head that repeats "you can lose her" too many times.

Break up with the idea, that one day, you and me could ever break up.

Escutando: ♪ Mighty Long Fall ♪
Lendo: ❦ Romeo & Juliet ❦
Assistindo: ☁ Neil Hilborn - This Is Not The End Of The World ☁
Jogando: ⌚ com os tiques e os taques ⌚

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