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altruist || kind || brave || pessimist || smart

and all [/the] people say
you can't wake up, this is not a [/dream]
you're part of a machine, you are [/not] a human being
with your face all [/made] up, living on a screen
low on self esteem, so you [/run] on gasoline

— Elizabeth Corpus

lion-hearted || peevish || indecisive || smart || sarcastic

she'd [/trade] her guns for love
but [/she's] caught on the crossfire
and she keeps wakin' [/up]
but it's not to the sound of [/bird]s

— Dorothy Swan

sarcastic || brave || lazy || malicious || independent

you don't own me
don't try to chan[/ge] me in any way
don't tell me what to do
and don't tell me what to say

Skyler Mason

nerd || badass || the brain || organized || sensitive

cause i'm [/only] a crack
in this castle [/of] glass
hardly anything [/else]
for you to see

— Valerie Mason

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