Jornal Cutest Selfie Ever

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Cutest Selfie Ever

That's cute but is not as cute as it could be.
Let´s get some stuffed animals!
Do we have some hats and... little hats and tiaras?
My nephew looks a lot like Harry and I think if we had a mini Harry would make it even cuter.
Can we get some kittens in a teacup?
That's pretty cute, but if we have kittens we should get a dog! Get the world's cutest dog.
Maybe a unicorn pony, too!
Oh! You know what? Maybe if we had like twin little girls ballerinas in like ballerina costume would be a nice thing.
Is that all we need?
Oh, if we had a cute baby or something like with a cherry on top or something like that.
I'm gonna try to get everybody in there. Ready?!

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