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Focus on words

Justin Bieber—You take My breath away
Barbara Palvin—You're sexy bitch
Kendall Jenner—You break me
Troye Sivan—You let me lesbian
5 seconds of summer—You make me want to wear underwear
Scarlett Leithold—Abused and hot blonde
Fifth Harmony—Are all dykes lesbians
Ian Somerhalder—Vampire is sucking my blood
Taylor Swift—Because i wish you
Crystal Reed—Sexy nun
Dylan O'brien—A perfect demon
Kylie Jenner—I can not resist your mouth
Selena Gomez—You annoy me and i'm excited
Kelsey Calemine—Lean red lips
Magcon Old—The most desired delicious
Ariana Grande—The most dangerous woman of all
Madison Beer—Bitch digger
Maggie Lindemann—Does not deserve anyone
Wesley Tucker—Floped tasty and i wish
Evan Peters—Getting old is tastier


Escutando: Wild
Lendo: Conversas do whats
Assistindo: 50 tons de cinza
Jogando: o silicone da inimiga fora
Comendo: o gelo que você me deu
Bebendo: água

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