Jornal Gilbert

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Sometimes ... {I do not understand} what >❥love is. If something is ⊱good⊰ or ≠bad≠.
It is something that ◣causes pain◥ but ◣that fulfills us◥ . Something that» makes it »seem like this is far looks like this any longer and that is close by is less time. Love is something that [warms us closely]
[that freezes time when the loved one is away].
But know that in no time ✘I wanted to make you suffer✘, just ❥loved you so much.
It was good every second that lasted near you. I do not want to send you to }s†ay{, but will not say so spread ✦the wings✦ and ▲fly▲.
↳Hope † to see you more often ... Not only as Elena Gilbert. And I know that with his talent, see you enough.
I'll miss you. So goodbye,
❥R.I.P. Gilbert

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