Jornal Goodbye

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if I ever from
I do not want to say goodbye to anyone
just want to go far away from here
do not cry my love
life is only pain
as the poet said
death is not punishment, but release

tired of so much suffering
the best option I have is to die
close your eyes just a minute
is the time that I need
does not suffer because of me
do not deserve your beautiful tears

who kills not do to be noticed but do to stop suffering
love hurts more than anything in this life
so baby look well who love
or may feel a lot of pain when you realize that you loved is gone
turned to dust
now my dear my time is running out
close your eyes for a minute

it's on time
stars die but never stop shining on the beautiful night with the moonlight

Escutando: don't go
Comendo: nutella
Bebendo: vinho

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