Jornal .jorōgumo; [those who haunt the earth; nine].

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the jorōgumo is creature from japanese folklore, depicted as a spider that can change its appearance into that of a beautiful woman. in this form, the jorōgumo would entice men into a quiet location and begin to play a biwa, a type of japanese lute. while he is distracted by the sound of the instrument, she binds her victim in silk threads and devours the unsuspecting individual. a jorōgumo is also known as the mistress of the jōren falls in izu, shizuoka. in the legend, a man was resting at the foot of the waterfall when his feet were bound with a vast number of spider threads. to free himself, he cut the threads and tied them to a tree stump, which was pulled from the ground and drawn into the water. after this incident, the villagers became afraid and avoided the area. one day, a woodsman from out of town, unaware of the jorōgumo, began cutting wood near the falls. after he dropped his axe into the water, a beautiful woman appeared between the rocks and returned it to him. the man falls in love with her and begins visiting the falls every day to see her, only to grow weaker after each visit. although the woodsman eventually discovers the woman was the jorōgumo, he cannot forget his love for her. while running back to the waterfall, he is caught by silk threads and finally falls into the water, never to surface again.

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