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I hate annoying cockroaches, spare me your hypocrisy ! Always he said it was better than me ?! How can I know ?! A bloody knife in my hands , I can not help myself ! Heads will roll ! The disturbing silence! Come on , stop rolling . I did not talk that was better than me ?! We'll see who laughs last ! Play to kill or die ?! Oh , come on! I am not afraid! I promise not to kill you! But also will not die ! The final battle ?! Wrong! Not even started ! Let's play soon ! Only a killer joke ! But you know ... will be you or me ! And sure enough ... I will not be me!

Escutando: Just like you. - Three Days Grace.
Lendo: O Lobo do Mar. - Jack London.
Assistindo: Lucky Star.
Jogando: Cytus.
Comendo: Batata frita. (*-*)
Bebendo: Toddynho. <-<"

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