Jornal .loki; [figures of norse mythology; three].

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the son of two jotuns and blood-brother of odin, loki represents the ambiguous relationship between the gods and the jotuns. he is dynamic, unpredictable, and a direct opposition to the fixed order. he is known as the sly one, the trickster, and the shape changer. however, loki’s mischievous nature gradually darkens, resulting in the death of balder. as punishment, he was chained to three large boulders, and a venomous snake was fastened to a rock above his head. the dripping venom is caught in a bowl by his loyal wife, sigyn. but when the bowl is filled to the brim, she must leave him to empty it. then the venom that falls on loki’s face makes him twist in pain, causing earthquakes. there loki will remain bound until the coming of ragnarok.

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