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,¸.*✿ のあなた.ポイ ⊰ {{ @narcissist @ingrats

— ❝ But {your} best friends are stiℓℓ »your best friends. Even from haℓf a w o r l d away. Distance can’t sever that;; {{connection. Bestfriends are the kind o.f pe☹ple ωhσ can {{survive}} anything. And whenbest friends s.e.e each other >.again, [after] being separated by half a world and more (miles) than you think you can b e a r, you pick up {right where you left off. A.fter all, that’s what ;;best friends [;do.] .﹥ You know they are s o m e}one who l♥ves you w{he}n you f☹rget to l♥ve yourself ❞

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