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Forever ever ever
Dreams, Hope, Forward, Forward
Forever ever ever, {we} are young.
Forever ever ever
〔Dreams, Hope, [Forward], Forward〕
Forever ever ever, we are young.


The curtain comes down 〔my breath is gett*ing* shorter
I feel so complicatedI breathe out
Did I make any mistakes today
How were the {expressions} on the audience

I may fall down and get hurt
But I still run endlessly towards my {dreams}
This isn’t my first time, it’s about time I get used to it
I try *to* hide it but* I can’t


When I get on empty stage
I get *scared* from the emptiness
Between complicated {feelings} and the [intersectionalities] of life
I pretend like I’m numb


I shamelessly [keep] telling myself
Raise your voice higher and farther
There is no such thing as an eternal {audience} but I will still sing
I want to be {myself) today forever


But I’m still *happy* that I became this {way}
So that I can make [someone] scream
When I {hold} lingering feelings
And get on* the still hot, empty stage

Forever we are young
Amidst the *scattering* rain of flower petals
I run, wandering {through} this maze
I may fall down and get hurt
But I still run endlessly towards my dreams


When the empty stage [starts] to cool down
I turn around with the empty {house} behind me

❝{I want to be a boy forever!}❞

Escutando: Young Forever - BTS

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