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Puppet- Ib Mary's Theme

Welcome to my world
Thats painted with sadness
There's no light of sun
There you can't hear
Any sound at all

Here I'm waiting
Silently for you, Father
Why you were so cruel
To left poor Mary alone?

Please take me away
I desperately promise
To be a good girl
To be whorthy of your love

I don't need the paintbooks
The doll's and the dresses
Just tell me
Why you left
Your pictures and gone?

Who are you, stranger
With a red rose in your hand?
I liked you from the first sight
I wanna be yout friend
Let's play!

I never asked for this place
That's called my home
But hope, you will be staying
With me untill the end

Please, don't be scared of me
I'm a good girl
I just want to be with you
To forget my sorrow

I'm tired of being
The puppet of this world
Oh, tell me
Why do you want to go
With this man?

Is he your true Knight
In the Shining Armor?
Who'll sacrifice himself
Just for your sake with no fear
But then

Why he resembles the one
Who created
This galery and picture
That gave me a birth?

My tears are falling
Why is so painfull?
I did nothing wrong
So why
So Much?

This burning carvas
Became your cruel answer
And now flames unsparingly
Kiss me goodnight

Welcome to her world
That's lying in ashes
There's no sea of fire
There's no way
To run at all

She only wanted
To be with her father
But little Mary is melting
In her abyss alone

I'm coming, father

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Lendo: Fanfic
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Jogando: Ib
Comendo: Nada...ainda :P
Bebendo: Suco de Laranja

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