Jornal Roast Yourself Challenge - English version

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Roast Yourself Challenge - English version

Roast Yourself Challenge

Yo cupcakesareblue, what a lame name
Should've been cupcakesarepoop because your name stank
You got over 30 friends and speak to none
Got no followers, couldn't get it done?
You only read and never write
what's the point of having an account
if you can't do it right?
You are a ghost reader, never show your face
Yeah, you could do much better if your imagination didn't fade.
Be original isn't original like it should be
Go chase Pokémon like you could catch an Hitmonlee!
Oh wait, you can't because your phone's an antiquity!
The only thing you catch is the hot summer breeze!
Roasted yourself, you're burned, over heated
Maybe you should apply some medicine
before the second round begin!

Made a version in English
Are you even going to finish?
Couldn't rhyme in Portuguese?
Stop trying, please!
I know you're bored but don't bore me as well
You're so annoying that got a restraining order from hell!
From freakin' hell and from above
That's right, you're out of goddam love!
There's nothing funny about you
except for this poem that took an hour (or two).
Go do something useful
and not something futile!


Escutando: Happy Song - Bring Me The Horizon
Assistindo: Mentes Criminosas
Comendo: ar
Bebendo: água

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