Jornal S T A R

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Speak a solution,you can keep your problems
I hear your opinion,and yes we've all got 'em
Somebody's trash is somebody's treasure, somebody's laugh is somebody's pain,
somebody's loss is somebody's gain
It don't matter what car you drive, or whatever sound you like
It don't matter if you praying to god,or trusting mother nature's strife
What's true to you and I, maybe won't be right,for another kinda life
Can't we agree to disagree? And we can be happy

We should be able to say what we think, and make love at the end of the day
We should be able to step out of sin, and fall back in our own kind of way
It's okay if you don't wanna see, it's okay if you disagree
So reach inside of yourself, and realize that you're one of a kind, and all that you are is just fine
Know that you're you, and I'm me
Free to fly, free to fall
Free to learn, love and lie
It's up to you to live, if you don't know what to do with yourself
Just breathe

We are who we are
Love us or move on
Don't you know that there's a star
Guiding everyone?

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