Jornal So Happy,Cantarella!

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So Happy,Cantarella!

Looked behind you
I looked behind me
In our own closed world
We see that we have forgotten
However, both finiendo
Because they could feel our intoxication

Time passes
This heart
Should remain hidden
Then you can get
I am a sigh
Because when I'm around you
I feel far from myself

In my ordinary love, my heart pounds
And I prepared a trap for you
Even though I am impatient
I'll come after you
Do not leave any trace

Things are not that clear
All my words seem sincere
And begins to lower its guard
There is something you should know
Deep on this drug
You thought that you could drink

Time is oxidized
Breaking the chains
Run away
Without a place to go
Two seconds
Echo echo for you
Want to resist your attempts to

Let me just say what I see in you:
Fleeing in your memories
United with the scent of your sweat
I could
Just be affected

In my ordinary love, my heart pounds and I
Prepare a trap for you
Even if I go behind you, you hear everything
Let me just say what I see in you I see myself
Fleeing your memories
Coupled with the pain of your sweat
I might just be affected

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Assistindo: A viagem de Chihiro *u*
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Comendo: mm..molango :v
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