Jornal Some things that did not fit the description , but I really love ✦.*☯

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✦.*☯ American Horror Story.

"— The time disappears. The only thing that remains is what is in your memory."

✦.*☯ Demi Lovato.

"— I can not raise your hopes up, because every 'hello' ends with a 'goodbye'.''

✦.*☯ The Hunger Games.

"— Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective,
a lot of hope is dangerous. Sparks are good as they are contained."

✦.*☯ Ed Sheeran.
"— I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house.
If things go wrong we can knock it down."

✦.*☯ Game of Thrones.

"— Each wound is a lesson, and each lesson makes us better."

✦.*☯ One Direction.

"— I am not sad. I'm just tired of not knowing when things will start to 'work out' for me"

✦.*☯ Reign.

"— I prefer to hope with you than be sure elsewhere."

✦.*☯ Ariana Grande.

"— Do not make a permanent decision for a temporary emotion."

✦.*☯ Skins.

"— Sometimes you can feel free to get lost."

✦.*☯ Drop Dead Diva.

"— Nobody has the right to tell you how to live your life."

✦.*☯ Melanie Martinez.

"— Everyone thinks that we're perfect. Please, don't let them look through the curtains."

✦.*☯ The Big Bang Theory.

"— I cry because others are stupid and it makes me sad."

✦.*☯ The Vampire Diaries.

"— Get out of bed is dangerous today, but we need to live."

✦.*☯ Mary and Max.

"— The life of everyone is a long sidewalk. Some are well paved, others,
have cracks, banana skins and cigarette butts."

✦.*☯ Adventure Time.

"— All that is small is just a version of something big."

✦.*☯ Beauty and the Beast.
"— Are your defects that make you a unique person."

The world is wrong.

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Assistindo: American Horror Story.

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