Jornal "Trying to be the perfect man you always want me to be."

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"Let me remind you some things, Liam.
In the past I was capable of everything to have you. Sometimes I've cried till fall asleep cause I thought I had made something wrong, but with time I figured out that I was
the perfect man for you.

I was "Would you look into my eyes and put me out of my misery? I have never told lies, I hope that you come back to me. I want to spend my time loving you forever, no matter what happens we must stick together."

But everything has changed, Liam. I'm not the same person I used to be. I'm stronger.
You made me stronger when you broke my heart.

I'll be here forever for you, but I love myself now and I'm not gonna let anything like our past happen again.

Yours trully.Zayn Malik.


Tats xx.

Escutando: Adore You - Zayn Malik (as writer).
Bebendo: Ice Tea

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