Jornal Volefes

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In the back seat of your Rover {that I know you can't afford}, bite that tattooஜ on your shoulder, øpull the sheetsø right off the corner of the mattress thAt you stole from {you}r♡ roommate back in Boulder, we ain't ever getting older


Make’em✭ hiŞtlē like a missile bomb {bomb}

Like t.o.m.o.r.r.o.w doesn't exist

Ssak da bultaewora!


Mirror, mirror, please tell her; scale, you too tell her::;
You don’t need to change a thing, you’re just pretty ./\. You look p-e-r-f-e-c-t just the way you are
Just need to be happy {{◕‿◕}}, without a worry;[]; Don’t try to look for ~what~ isn’t good enough
Turn !your attention! from the mirror to my eyes [^^] Get off the 𝚜cale and onto my back, \!no matter!/ how hard {I} try to find and look at {you} again {and again}
That ---unpretty--- spot you keep talking about... I can’t see it at all
Stay just the way you are are are are are are <and> I I I I I don’t want anything more❀ `//´ ,.so don’t you change a thing thing thing thing thing, don’t worry worry worry worry worry worry cuz your everything is all all all all

[...] You’re so beautiful°= I want you
❤ Just the way you are, you’re the only one




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