Jornal .wars waged by house stark; [the known world; three].

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the bitterest foes of winterfell were undoubtedly the red kings of the dreadfort, those grim lords of house bolton whose domains of old stretched from the last river to the white knife, and as far south as the sheepshead hills. the enmity between the starks and boltons went back to the long night itself, it is claimed. the wars between these two ancient families were legion, and not all ended in victory for house stark […] yetin the end, even the dreadfort fell before the might of winterfell, and the last red king, known to history as rogar the huntsman, swore fealty to the king of winter and sent his sons to winterfell as hostages, even as the first andals were crossing the narrow sea in their longships.

— [the world of ice and fire] the north: the kings of winter


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