Jornal WHO AM I?

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Who am I, di girl dem suga,
Look at you alone, all alone all shook up,
You won't see me come baby girl don't look up,
Do I need to remind you I own you?!

Game on bitches tell me what chu gon' cook up,
I spy a liar imma close your book up,
If you run you gon' run outta air like hookah,
Call up anybody you might care to....oooo!

We gon' we gon' play either way I've won,
Hands around your neck till I wreck my thumbs,
Look into my eyes while your life goes numb,
Sim-sima who got my redbull and rum...

Ticktock bitch its a suicide red,
All I hear is voices all up in my head singing,
Two can keep a secret,
If one of them.....
One of them is dead!

Escutando: Big A Reveal - Sickick (Pretty Little Liars Theme)
Lendo: Não se apega, não

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