Jornal .words of dorne and words of the stormlands; [the known world; seven].

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long before the coming of the first men, all of westeros belonged to the elder races — the children of the forest and the giants (and, some say, the others, the terrifying “white walkers” of the long night). the children made their homes in the vast primeval forest that once stretched from cape wrath to cape kraken, north of the iron islands (today all that remains of this great wood are the kingswood and the rainwood), and the giants in the foothills of the red mountains and along the rugged stony spine of massey’s hook. unlike the later andals, who came to westeros by sea, the first men made their way from essos across the great land bridge we now call the broken arm of dorne, so dorne and the stormlands were the first parts of westeros to know the steps of man.

— [a world of ice and fire] the stormlands : the coming of the first men


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