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Work of Art.

And there he was. Magic; the most beautiful creature that I’d ever see. Instead of feeling breathless and off-ground like the books always say, I felt like I was underwater and had finally emerged. I felt the oxygen fill my lungs how they never did before. I felt my skin tingle and tiny goosebumps running through my body. My feet finally touched the ground. I felt the cold winter wind whipping my face’s bare flesh and messing my hair. I finally felt alive.
BaekHyun was so close I could almost taste his scent. Sweet and delicate, something between peach blossoms and mangoes, exotic just like himself. I didn’t restrained myself and touched his face, feeling the softness of his skin, appreciating even the little pimples that he tried to cover with make-up. His cheeks were warm, he was flustered and I couldn’t believe how cute he looked. Byun BaekHyun was a work of art and no one could take that off my head.
I traced every single centimeter of skin exposed, contouring his eyes, nose, finding myself pretty anxious when reached his small, pinkish lips. I stared deep in his eyes, searching. Searching for feelings, for anything that he could give me in that moment. Glowing brown eyes stared back at me, both lost inside each others’ depths. I felt the soft tug when he put his hands around my neck, pulling me closer to his face, and I couldn’t say “no” to my precious clingy puppy.
Our lips grazed for a few seconds, until I enlaced BaekHyun’s waist and pushed him against myself, making our bodies fully touch, melting against each other, sucking the warmth, making ourselves almost one. I tasted him, loving his coffee-ish flavour, thanks to the days I spent making him love coffee as much as I did. Our tongues met, sending shivers down his spine, and making each nerve in my organism have a strong sensorial discharge. His lips were smooth and slow, and I kept the calm rhythm. We didn’t had any hurries. We both didn’t care that people were passing by and making disgusted expressions. We were concentrated in feeling everything we could catch, lips and hands and tongues and love and affection.
Humans breathe, that is not breaking news. But we didn’t wanted to break the moment, so special, so singular. It was our first kiss, after all. But our chests were burning without oxygen, and we had to drift apart, keeping our foreheads and noses touching, breathing heavily, a smile in our red, throbbing lips.
— I love you, ChanYeol.

❀ olá, terminei de ler Anterograde Tomorrow e me senti entupida de sentimentos então expulsei-os escrevendo isso aí, ao som do cover de Lost Stars e Paper Hearts do menino Jeongguk. obrigada por ler, sinta-se a vontade para comentar ❀

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