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Nome: — sh!t i got cyber bullied; ‣ husky™
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Sexo: Masculino
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Aniversário: 15 de Março




Ryan Luther Schroeder:

"Can't go back.
Can't fight this water
Tear drops are falling like rain"

Robin Schroeder:

"Let's keep on going till we have no faith
We're lost in the sky, we just don't care"

Amber Munroe:

"Think I can fly.
Think I can fly when I'm with you
My arms are wide
Catching fire as the wind blows."

Lara Hopkins:

"There in the madness
Us against the world
And every heartbeat felt like: 'This is what we deserve'.
With every heartbeat
We were dancing
To the sound of a broken heart."

Patrick Graham:

"We go forever running
Hold on to what you've got. Let go of what you're not
Hold on to what you've got
Living it easy
Call if you need me!"

Skyler Montgomery:

"And when I close my eyes, I get lost in your face
I'm gonna fall fall hard, no I don't give a damn.
I wanna love out loud, but I'm scared to say
It's like a ton of bricks that won't fade away"

Mason Howard:

"The boys are calling shotgun again
Hot blooded like a harlequin."

link: soon.

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